The first 100 law firms to complete Select’s CRM survey will be entered into a prize draw to win a £500 LAWFUSION voucher to offset against LAWFUSION licences or training days.

hand holding up a black sign with a broad white border in front of black background with "ONLINE SURVEY" in large white letters on a black background.
Team LAWFUSION has put together a short online survey – CRM Software Survey – to give execs responsible for marketing at law firms an opportunity to air their views regarding their requirements for CRM now and into the future. There are just 9 questions in total and it takes approx. 5-10 minutes to complete. The survey closing date is Friday 24 February 2017.

SURVEY LINK:   CRM Software Survey


A few years ago, in the world of legal IT, a law firm could expect a practice management system, at its most sophisticated, to provide legal accounts software plus perhaps integrated time recording and little else. Nowadays the legal software suppliers that stand out from the crowd have gone the extra mile developing a variety of software modules that enable legal business owners to run and grow their firms.

Select Legal Systems, authors of the popular LAWFUSION legal practice management system, have done just that.  LAWFUSION users not only get specialist modules for litigation cost management and extensive integration with MOJ online systems for PI and with the LAA for legal aid work etc., but they also get a PDF court bundle generator, a tablet app for lawyers on the move and much, much more.

Amongst the additional modules that put LAWFUSION a cut above the rest is their popular CRM & Marketing module.  As Select’s experienced legal software development team continues to evolve this significant area of the system the developers are keen to know your thoughts on what you believe a law firm wants from the CRM system of the future. If you wish to complete the survey now please follow this link – CRM Software Survey.

‘CRM’ or ‘client relationship management’ refers to processes and technologies firms use to manage and analyse their client interactions and data. The purpose of CRM is to improve business relationships, increase client retention and drive sales growth. LAWFUSION is designed to achieve all of this by providing you with a means of storing and presenting client data to show buying activity and cross-selling opportunities across different areas of law, enabling you to use that data to maximise client and prospect communication.

To read about what LAWFUSION currently offers in terms of CRM there are details on the Select Legal website here – CRM & Marketing for Law Firms.

If you would like a CRM demonstration or would like to see any other part of the LAWFUSION system, please call 01482 567601 during office hours.  Alternatively please feel free to the LAWFUSION online enquiry form at any time.