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Wills Software

Wills Software

Case management software for private client work – Wills

Legal services such as will writing, that tend to attract fixed fees,  are forcing solicitors to rethink the way they manage their cases.  The LAWFUSION Wills software module is designed to eliminate many of the repetitive tasks fee earners face when delivering this kind of legal service.  Providing clear steps for everything from quotation stage to billing, the module garners a high-quality customer service experience throughout every case.

parchment paper with text "last will and Testament" with fountain pen resting on paper

Key Features

Quoting For Wills

Users can produce a detailed quote, email it to the client and save it along with other relevant information/ documentation regarding the enquiry ready for turning into a case when the time is right.  It can be recalculated at any time.

Will Document Management

The LAWFUSION Wills module contains a full range of documents.  Users are able to create simple custom-built wills or mirror wills for their clients. All documents are driven with merge fields wherever possible to automatically populate key information. The LAWFUSION document alignment feature allows you to match your firm’s corporate style, layout and font. The  module is fully integrated with Microsoft Word and Outlook making tools such as Word’s ‘customisation tool’ available which allows you to insert your letterhead and footer to any document at the click of a button.

Appointments, Reminders & Time Recording

Fee earners can create diary appointments on a case and set reminders e.g. when the client care step has been run a reminder will be set for 7 days later to remind the user to chase the signed terms of business if not already received. Reminders show in a colour-coded list in the fee earners diary, green – today / blue – future / red – overdue.  Users can link their case to the diary to use the time recording option.

Auto Form Completion

The LAWFUSION Will module works with relevant forms (Laserforms) e.g. the LRTR1, LRAP1 and the LRRX1.  These forms contain merge fields allowing auto-completion utilising information previously captured by your fee earners.

Wills Register

There is an archiving document register in LAWFUSION which allows law firms to  store important legal documents for their clients such as deeds, shares and wills. The Wills Register is part of that.  It is an electronic archive. Within a LAWFUSION record you can see at the click of a button any documents held for them in the document register.  Reports can be run to show which clients have documents stored within the register.


The LAWFUSION Billing Wizard takes users through the billing process to create a draft bill for approval and the final bill.  Time can be recorded for the work or alternatively a fixed fee can be charged.  The user will have the opportunity to include disbursements associated with the case. The approval process can be set to include an approval step by a supervisor or the accounts department. Or the fee earner may be given permissions to produce the bill and allocate this directly to the accounts ledger and sending onto the client by email or post.

Case Studies / Relevant News

Video Case Study

Experts in private client and property work.This short, coffee-break sized video lasts just 6 minutes. It captures why LAWFUSION is the system of choice for many start-up law firms. It features an interview with Rod Hughes, founder/Partner of H&R Hughes. Rod explains why he chose LAWFUSION to run and grow his business as a new start up firm back in 2009.

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