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What Does 2018 Have In Store?

As we kick off 2018 Select Legal Systems, authors of LAWFUSION, the leading Practice Management System for law firms, reflect on the achievements of 2017 and look forward to what the next 12 months have in store.






Doubling the size of the LAWFUSION business over the last 5 years in terms of number of clients, turnover and staffing, 2017 saw Select Legal Systems grow its LAWFUSION user base by a further 11% overall. To accommodate this growth the company has continued to expand its team across all departments throughout 2017.

Having recruited 3 new starters at the back of 2017 to boost their support, training and technical analysts teams, the company has welcomed an additional 2 new starters in January strengthening the support and sales teams further.

There are still opportunities for talented .Net Developers to join Team LAWFUSION.


Later this year Select Legal Systems will be celebrating 25 years of LAWFUSION.  The company will be marking the occasion by launching a number of powerful software enhancements and by thanking our clients old and new for their trust and loyalty. Whilst the LAWFUSION client base has grown rapidly over the last few years, there are some clients who have been with Select Legal from the very beginning.

Steve Dixon, co-owner and Director of Development at Select Legal said,“We value all of our clients hugely and are very proud to say that some have been with us from the very beginning. Each time we welcome a new firm we are equally proud and we welcome them with a great sense of responsibility to provide the best software and service we can to help them run and grow their businesses, always striving to develop software that will enable law firms thrive. 

“We have always prided ourselves in staying at the leading edge of legal technology.  For example we were one of the first to offer online case tracking, one of the first to offer a cloud option for Practice Management Software and early providers of  text messaging from Case Management. We intend to continue this path by staying in close touch with the needs of our clients and by accommodating them with software development  in line with technological advances.”


Team LAWFUSION has been busy enhancing some of the software’s wizards and contacts functionality the last few weeks, as well as developing some important integrations for conveyancing users, and of course the new LAWFUSION GDPR module will be out ahead of the legislation’s May deadline.

LAWFUSION users can also expect some new functionality that will make life easier for firms with regards to the controversial J-Codes for those that need to use Costs Management software for litigation.


2015 was sited as the Year of the Cloud, and many firms of all sizes have since made that shift. However, for the firms that have not yet changed to a cloud infrastructure the latest predictions show that many will do so during 2018. Select Legal Systems continues to provide both cloud and on-premise options for LAWFUSION, as well as a whole raft of tools to help firms make their own unique decision on this.


Cybersecurity will continue to be at the forefront of minds in 2018 and beyond, as cyber criminals grow in sophistication, and businesses and individuals alike are well advised to make it a priority.

Select Legal Systems Limited has a solid reputation in the marketplace for taking security seriously being ISO 27001 certified at company level (as well as datacentre level), and having the Government-backed Cyber Essentials badge too etc. Throughout 2017 the company has continued to go from strength to strength on this front, with further successful ISO 27001 audits. In fact at their last visit the auditors were so highly satisfied with Select’s performance they decided the company does not need audited again until the back end of 2018.


No doubt Brexit will continue to dominate headlines in 2018 and bring with it continued uncertainty for all sectors of UK business, not least the legal profession.  The continued squeeze on legal aid will no doubt bring its challenges as will the new data protection legislation, GDPR, due to come into force on 25-5-18. However, law firms that choose LAWFUSION as its business system can rest assured that they have software that is designed to help them  pre-empt and ride out the storms the sector throws at them, and team LAWFUSION is behind them all the way.



LAWFUSION is a fully integrated legal practice management system designed especially for law firms.  It includes a wide range of modules for all areas of law. Please view our LAWFUSION case studies here.  For more information about the company or our software, and to book a demonstration please call 01482 567601 during office hours, or use our online enquiry form  here at any other time.