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Video Case Study Transcript: H&R Hughes Solicitors LLP

Video Case Study Transcript: H&R Hughes Solicitors
Experts in: Private Client Work & Property
Installation: Cloud
Users: 16

Contributors: Rod Hughes – Founder/Partner

Rod Hughes: H&R Hughes is a firm that Hilary, my wife, and I set up having both been partners in a much larger practice in the area and we are based here in Heathfield in East Sussex.

We specialise in private cloud work, wills, trust, court of protection, things of that sort and that team is headed up by Hilary. We have a second team of residential conveyancers and I and one of the other senior lawyers here specialise in commercial property and my passion which is property development.

[Inset conversation: Oh good lord, that’s a boundary issue there, and that’s a boundary issue here]

Rod Hughes: There are no fifteen of us and that includes four partners, a number of assistant solicitors and paralegals and some excellent support staff. We’ve been using LAWFUSION since we started actually and we found them because we were at a legal software show in London, as a result, we’d originally decided to go with a competitor but following a call from Steve Dixon of Select Legal he persuaded me within the hour that actually what they had to offer was what we really needed and they were enormously helpful in getting us up and running, start to finish within four weeks, so that when we opened on the second of April two thousand and nine we had the hosted solution up and running.

Actually I think we were the first firm in the country to go with Select Legal on their hosted systems and we’re enormously proud of that and the last three years have proved that our decision was right.
What we really like about them is that very much what you see is what you get. We’re able to speak to their technical people on a helpline whenever we need and they’re good at getting back to us.

[Select Legal Support: Good afternoon Select Legal Support, you’re speaking to Paul how can I help]

Rod Hughes: They try to talk to us in a language that we understand and as possibly one of the older people here I particularly appreciate that, because I’m not an IT savvy, I see IT as something that needs to help our business and they fit in with that.

I think there are four or five really good benefits that we get from LAWFUSION and those include the fact that it’s an integrated package, there’s a desktop, or fee earners, there’s a great accounts package and there’s an administrators package that also includes marketing modules and reporting functions.

The second benefit is really to fee earners, we wanted a systems that was easily manageable that people who weren’t familiar with IT and didn’t have a great background in that area could easily pick up and actually a number of people who joined the firm in the last couple of years they’ve all commented that it’s been really easy to get to grips and start using the LAWFUSION package on the desktop. On reason for that is we think is it is very aligned to what people are used to with Microsoft and everything it pretty intuitive.

On the accounts package things that we really appreciate are that it’s very easy to see the clear balances, something that’s very important for any solicitors practice and also it’s very easy to reconcile at the end of each day or week.

On the fee earner desktop, what I really love, as someone who is not particularly good with IT, is the ease with which we can file e-mails that come out and go straight into the case. They’re then very easily accessible and it’s great to be able to work out of the office on my boat or when we’re skiing, log in, see what’s there, be able to run my business remotely.

Being a bit of a hard-nosed business man the other thing that really attracts me is the economies, if we employed our own IT manager that would be enormously expensive to us and isn’t really warranted by the size of firm that we currently are, we are not a fifty to a hundred or two hundred partner business where that might be justified and I think actually most medium sized firms are moving towards outsourcing their IT function.

[Steve Dixon, Select Legal Director: Hello Steve Dixon, oh hi Rod].

Rod Hughes: I’d say actually, it’s being able to pick the phone up, speak to someone and know that they are listening to you and actually caring.

I’d recommend LAWFUSION to other firms similar to ours because it enables them to concentrate on what they should be doing which is excellent client care, delivery of excellent legal services and not getting side tracked into areas in which they are not the experts and in that area I think Select Legal have an awful lot to offer.

[Steve Dixon, Select Legal Director: No that’s great, I look forward to it Rod].

Rod Hughes: We just like them, they are nice people and we just got the impression that they were enthused by what they did and weren’t trying to be something they were not and that’s what we like, that’s what we’re about.

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