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Video Case Study Transcript: Family Law Group

Video Case Study Transcript: Family Law Group
Experts in: Family Law
Installation: On-Premise
Users: 82

Contributors: Steve Self – Operations Manager
Glyn Abba – Finance Manager
Julie Foster – Associate Solicitor
Amy Booth – Paralegal

Family Law Group Receptionist: Good afternoon Family Law Group – ok thank you

Steve Self : I’m Steve Self, I’m the operations manager for Family Law group. I’m largely responsible for the non-legal side of the business includes the IT and implementation of our new case management system LAWFUSION. Family Law Group were formed 11 years ago now out of another law firm in Nottingham, we’ve grown rapidly to 82 people, we have 9 offices across our region which is Chesterfield in the north and Bedford down in the south. We specialise entirely in family law, which is care proceedings, private and public divorce and finance and a rapidly growing mediation practice. As legal aid continues to reduce we are looking the expand the private side of the business, we’re approximately 60% legal aid at the minute 40% private.

Glyn Abba: I’m Glyn Abba, I’m finance manager for Family law group we chose LAWFUSION primarily because we had outgrown our previous system, it was creaking at the seams and we knew we had to step up to a system that was fit for purpose, so we looked at 3 different systems, all leading systems within the UK and the choice was relatively straightforward in the end, we chose LAWFUSION and we chose it because it had the best functionality, we felt that the company Select was big enough to cope with what we wanted, but they were small enough to care about what we needed our software to do and it was extremely good value for money compared to the other systems we looked at. The implementation was seamless, it was done over a weekend, so the 24 hours of data conversion and one of the very interesting things was that we were able to report historic data which we couldn’t do with the old system. So we could use LAWFUSION for our reports on prior data which went back to the year dot.

Steve Self : What we liked about it most was that it was very malleable, it was almost like a piece of plasticine, that we could pull it and push it in whatever direction we saw fit, Whereas our previous one was a bit clunky and was more like a Rubik Cube, in that it would only go forwards backwards, there were only set moves you could do with it, were as LAWFUSION, you can push it and pull it in whatever direction you want, it will provide you with pretty much anything you need to do or want to do with a case management system.

Glyn Abba: One example of where we have made efficiency gains within the finance team is legal aid billing, which was done completely manually from the paper file, that is now taking 60% less time by running that straight from the system.

Amy Booth: I’m Amy Booth and I’m a paralegal for the Family Law Group, I’m one of the seven advisors on the civil legal advice line. The thing I like most about LAWFUSION is it is really easy to open a new file, everything is on there that you need, all the letters all documents, it’s all in one place and it’s all really easy to access. I open around 5 new files a day and it’s something that needs to be done quite quickly and efficiently, LAWFUSION enables me to do that.

Julie Foster: I’m Julie Foster and I’m an associate solicitor at Family Law Group, I’ve experienced a number of previous systems and LAWFUSION is the best system I’ve used for the features it can offer our previous case management system was more limited in options and features, but LAWFUSION has a lot of extra things that we wished the other one had

Glyn Abba: We have a civil legal advice contract where we take in excess of 9000 calls per annum and each of these need to be set up on the system, so previously we’d set these up manually which cost us a lot of money and the contract was loss making at that stage. We can now do that fully automated where LAWFUSION picks up information and data directly from the legal aid website, sets the client up automatically within the system, which means we need to do nothing with the client set-up.

Julie Foster: The civil legal advice line is a national telephone line providing advice to clients over the telephone for all areas of family law and we assist them on a remote basis. I had input into the way the civil legal advice system integrates into LAWFUSION, we have a separate case system for the civil legal advice clients that come through and we are able to import all the client information from that software into LAWFUSION by entering a reference number and all the information is imported across. We have to do that a number of times a day, so that’s really efficient way of being able to do that and it’s really effective.

Amy Booth: One of the things I think the fee earners of the firm really like about LAWFUSION is that it’s a really logical layout, so it’s very easy to see what was the last thing done on LAWFUSION, so you can see what point each file is at. So I use the workflow for my divorce cases mainly. There’s each step on there straight away, we got the letter we need to send to each client for each part of the divorce, so it’s very straight forward, you can see what you need to do next. [[phone rings – Amy takes call] [Hello you’re through to Amy on the civil advice line, can I take your name] means that when client call through we can speak to them ourselves without having to get the appropriate fee earner, we can action the case effectively straight away.

Glyn Abba: We were initially quite apprehensive about some of the users of the system who had been reluctant to use our previous system following the training that we had from Jacqui and the select team, everybody now uses the system and is very happy with it.

Julie Foster: I would recommend LAWFUSION, it’s an excellent system, it has sophisticated features despite having a very basic layout on the main screen, it’s user friendly and it has the ability to adapt to a firms individual requirements.

Glyn Abba: I would definitely recommend LAWFUSION to any law practice, particularly those where their current system is creaking and they feel they are outgrowing that system.

Steve Self : I would say to any other law firms considering LAWFUSION, it’s a wonderful piece of software, we’re delighted with it, it does everything we need it to do and it’s also extremely competitively priced which is an important factor when considering investment in a brand new case management system.

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