Fidler & Pepper – Users of LAWFUSION for 25 years
Experts in:  Volume Conveyancing
Installation:  On-Premise
Users:  85

As part of Select Legal Systems’ 25 year promotions the company is delighted to present a case study video featuring one of their longest standing clients, Fidler & Pepper, who describe LAWFUSION as “…the rock at the heart of their business…” The firm relies on LAWFUSION’s case management software to make sure their volume conveyancing business remains profitable and thrives. Fidler & Pepper is one of the most IT savvy firms out there and they piloted LAWFUSION back in 1993 when case management software was still considered ‘revolutionary’. They have been influential in shaping the software throughout its journey, helping to make it what it is today. Mark Slade, CEO of Fidler & Pepper explains in the video why he wanted LAWFUSION in the first place, how the business relationship between the law firm and its software provider has flourished, and why they are still highly satisfied with LAWFUSION today.

Read the video case study transcript here.

Select Legal Systems are the authors of leading legal practice management software – LAWFUSION – that is popular with fee earners and cashiers alike at law firms across the length and breadth of the country.

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