Microsoft has released a number of security updates to patch vulnerabilities in its Exchange Server 2013, 2016 and 2019,  that have come to light globally in the last few days, that must be applied without delay.

Law firms that manage their own servers inhouse are most likely already on top of this, and should have heard from either Microsoft or their own IT support people. However, if not, the UK’s National UK Cyber Security Centre advise that all Exchange customers install these patches immediately!  Any law firm needing further information on the Exchange security updates, which were released very recently, can find it here on the Microsoft website.

Select Legal Systems, authors of LAWFUSION – the popular legal practice management software for law firms can confirm that patches were applied as soon as the advice came to light very recently – and have issued advice to all its inhouse users too who manage their own servers. The patches mean that all LAWFUSION hosted users are safe. However, for any law firm that manages its own servers in house – whether using LAWFUSION or any other system that relies on MS Exchange, of which there are many – you are urged to obtain and apply these patches as soon as possible.

The BBC have reported today that email servers of many UK companies may have been hacked, with many not realising they have fallen victim to the hack.

The hack, known as ‘Zero-Day’ is believed to install a piece of computer code known as a ‘webshell’ onto the server, which would give hackers a backdoor into your computer network, allowing them to spy on email messages and potentially launch serious cyber-attacks.

The advice is to patch immediately and then check for any recent compromises and that no ‘webshells’ are installed on your servers.

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