Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of LAWFUSION, the popular legal practice management system for law firms, have updated their Time Recording page today.

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Head of Marketing, Joanne Hunter, at Select Legal said, “Having a much larger team of developers than we have marketing staff means, as a company, we’re often developing and enhancing LAWFUSION faster than we can market it. This has certainly been the case with time recording and we are delighted to announce that our new Time Recording page is now live highlighting some of the greatest and latest features and benefits of LAWFUSION time recording.”

Time recording doesn’t always sit easy with the busy Fee Earner, who has a large and complex case load to manage. Cumbersome paper-based time recording systems and experience of struggling with ineffective time recording software from the past have lead to time recording slipping down the priority list for many. However, time is the life-blood of any law firm and a good legal practice management system should provide intuitive time recording tools that encourage fee earners to capture all billable hours, and what’s more ensure time recording becomes second nature across all areas of the business.

Richard Swinbank, is a solicitor at EMG Solicitors, a paperless law firm that has been using LAWFUSION since 2014, he said, “Without LAWFUSION I can categorically say I would not be time recording. I have been asked to time record at other firms where it has been old fashioned, old school time recording. Here it’s all integrated. Whatever I do I have a box pop up asking me to record my time. It takes seconds to do but it is invaluable to us at our quarterly meetings when we look at how cost effective we are.  Time recording is my favourite aspect of LAWFUSION.”

Select Legal Systems team of talented developers have designed LAWFUSION time recording with the Fee Earner in mind, incorporating all the nuances of the many different areas of law that need to capture all their billable hours.

For instance does your business system provide integration with your chosen email system?  In this day and age it should not only automatically file any incoming or outgoing emails against the relevant case, but it should also record Fee Earner time spent on emails, either automatically recording a 1 x unit of time, or giving a simple prompt allowing the Fee Earner to quickly type in the accurate number of units.

Time leakage can cost law firms dearly. Select Legal published a blog a little while back entitled “The Time Factor” which has become one of our most visited pages. It looks at time within a practice of law from three angles and calculates time leakage from each. It asks a very direct question –  “…should your firm be generating an extra £111K per anum per fee earner?”

An interesting and popular read.

LAWFUSION time recording is fully integrated with all other elements of the system as well as some of your other, business critical tools from third parties such as Microsoft Outlook. If you would like to see how LAWFUSION time recording looks, or any other aspect of the LAWFUSION Legal Practice Management System, please call 01482 567601 during office hours or contact us online at any other time. LAWFUSION is the business system of choice for hundreds of UK law firms. Check out our case studies here.