Select Legal Systems Limited has its specialist legal software development team focused on building as many time-saving features as possible into their popular legal practice management software system, LAWFUSION.  Time is the lifeblood of any law firm and if time can be saved by reducing the burden of unnecessary tasks, more fee earning time can be created.

As a result, the LAWFUSION development team is adding new time-saving features to the software all the time. One recent example is functionality that allows users to download all UK public bank holidays straight into the system diary for every user. Individual users can also use this feature to block out non fee-earning days such as holidays, sickness etc. en mass. The LAWFUSION Practice Diary module integrates fully with Microsoft Outlook, but offers a number of additional features particularly useful for law firms.


Select Legal Systems call this their ‘Ignore Dates’ feature and it is just one small example of many that save fee earners valuable time. Imagine how much precious fee earning time could be wasted populating diaries across the practice with this kind of duplicated, routine information.   LAWFUSION is full of time-saving functionality of this nature, some more significant than others. Combined they all add up and have a considerable impact on the overall fee earning potential of the firm.

There is an interesting blog on this website entitled “The Time Factor” which looks at how time leakage can be avoided in a law firm.

LAWFUSION provides a module for managing every aspect of the law firm from legal accounts software and time recording, to case management for every area of law, and marketing / CRM software – all fully integrated and all designed specifically with the law firm in mind. As such every module has many time-saving features embedded within it.

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