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Support Services

Support Services

Dedicated LAWFUSION Support Services to assist you every step of the way

Select Legal Systems is committed to continually improving customer care and quality of service. We have a very loyal and growing client base because we strive to improve on our high client satisfaction rates each year. Whether it is offering simple advice on software usage or helping you manage your business, our dedicated support services team are ready to offer all the support and advice you need.

Our support services are a key element of your LAWFUSION maintenance contract, and we do our utmost to resolve all support calls as soon as possible. We have a permanent in-house support team that can be contacted on dedicated telephone support lines. Our support team’s main purpose is to enable LAWFUSION users to get the most from their LAWFUSION software system but they also provide support and assistance on complementary software, networking, hardware issues, etc.

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Key Features

On-line Support

Along with the more traditional methods of contacting our support team, such as phone, or e-mail, our clients will be given access to secure “Online Support”. This exclusive, web based, client area provides many useful support tools for our clients to use at their own convenience.

Support Call Register

This is a service that allows you to report and track the progress and resolution of any problem that you log with us. This ensures complete transparency of the entire resolution process. You will also be able to view a complete history of your “support calls” to date, via the client area.

Remote Support

Our support team can often diagnose and resolve the problem quickly, by using the very latest technology to access your system remotely. If you have reported an issue to the support team you may be given a unique number and will be asked to visit a login page to start the process.

Professional Experienced Staff

Our support framework is backed up with professional expertise from our experienced members of staff. Select Legal Systems support staff specialise in different areas of the LAWFUSION software, are highly qualified and have many years experience in supporting software and hardware in the legal office environment.

The Human Touch

The LAWFUSION Support Team are all based in our head office in East Yorkshire. We pride ourselves on our friendly human touch. One dedicated telephone number is all you need to get you through to our talented support team. We strive to speak with you quickly and will stay with you for as long as you need to resolve you query, calling you back when it is appropriate. Unless you log a call on the online system, you will always speak to a human being.

Online Help

For more “hands-on” staff, we have created comprehensive, context sensitive, help content that is available when you need it while you use the software. We realise that text is more difficult to read online and that users can become frustrated when they cannot quickly find what they are looking for, so we have designed Microsoft™ Windows style help text that is indexed and searchable. Our help text covers all areas of the LAWFUSION system and it is structured in short, self contained topics so that it is scannable and easily absorbed.

Latest Manuals

Whatever area of LAWFUSION you use, our manuals cover all areas of our software in intricate detail. All user manuals are in PDF format and can be downloaded and used as a point of reference within your firm.

Searchable Knowledgebase

This provides quick solutions to frequently asked and not so frequently asked questions and has a comprehensive and powerful search facility to quickly locate the information you need.

Did You Know Flyer

These handy bi-monthly features provide valuable technical information and insights into featured areas of the LAWFUSION product.

Support & Training Videos

We have a growing bank of support and training videos which walk you through many areas of the LAWFUSION Practice & Case Management Software. These videos walk you easily though your chosen task, offering a step-by-step  guide. These are especially useful as a prompt or refresher for those periodical or annual tasks that you don’t regularly perform.

Software Upgrades

Your firm does not stand still and neither does LAWFUSION. Our dedicated development team is continually working on upgrades and new functionality. New processes are added regularly to the LAWFUSION system and usually distributed free of charge to all our clients.

Legal Software Training

We don’t just offer post-implementation training, we also offer on-going training options to suit all of your requirements and to ensure you get the very best from your software investment.

At the start of any training project we will meet with you to fully understand your objectives and your present capabilities. We will then personalise our training to your specific needs with an appropriate combination of individual and group instruction.

Visit our legal software training page for more information on training modules available for the LAWFUSION software.

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