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LAWFUSION makes SMS Simple

Instant Communication

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You are probably already using SMS (short message service) text messaging to keep in touch with your colleagues and friends. Now you can simply send low-cost text messages to your client’s mobile phone, directly from your LAWFUSION desktop.

Text messaging is inexpensive, simple to use and instant. As an alternative to email, SMS is an excellent, discrete and immediate messaging medium. The value it can add to your business is obvious: clients are kept up-to-date with regards to their case, matter or transaction, and your firm reaps the benefits of not having to field so many routine enquiries that eat into your profit margins



SMS from your LAWFUSION Desktop

  • Simply type your message into the relevant case and click ‘send’
  • Set up templates for regular messages from your LAWFUSION desktop
  • Type long messages – which are split and sent in sequence
  • Schedule pre-defined messages for later delivery
  • Automatically record sent messages in the case history for future reference
  • Send individual and group messages from your LAWFUSION desktop
  • Access all UK networks
  • International coverage

For a law firm that is seriously interested in becoming more client oriented, there is little question that text messaging should be part of your tool-kit. Whether you wish to send messages to individuals or groups, create bulk SMS marketing campaigns, or send SMS messages from your case manager, LAWFUSION has the business solution for you.




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