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SMS Text Messaging From Case Management

SMS Text Messaging from Case Management

A low-cost, viable means of communication for law firms and their clients

According to widely-shared statistics we send a massive 23 billion text messages every day. People are literally glued to their phones during the waking hours. People of all ages regularly exchange text messages with friends, family and colleagues, and because it’s so easy and accessible to many of us we also communicate via text with our doctors’ surgeries, our banks and our mini cab drivers. So there is absolutely no reason why a client would not expect to be able to communicate with their solicitor by SMS text message too.

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Key Features

Great Response Rate

Research shows that we can expect a 98% open rate from SMS and 90% of text messages are opened and read within 3 minutes. Law firms who are using text messaging direct from LAWFUSION tell us that their clients often prefer to communicate by text rather than by speaking over the phone. It’s a great way to reach unresponsive clients too and it also saves your fee earners’ time.

Texting From Case Management

Law firms that are users of LAWFUSION can set SMS text messaging up in their case management modules.

So just as a user would send a letter or an email, they can also send text messages to clients direct from the LAWFUSION desktop and save their sent messages to the case file. Then when replies come back in from clients they are received as an email notification, which gives the fee earner control in terms of which responses from clients need to be saved to the relevant case file.

Text Credits

Law firms that wish to take advantage of the text messaging functionality from LAWFUSION simply buy text credits from Select Legal Systems. They then call off these text credits as they send text messages, topping up with more as and when needed. It is a low-cost means of communication for law firms, and it’s popular with many clients.

Texting As A Workflow Step

Just as you would set up automatic emails or letters as part of your LAWFUSION workflow chart, you can set up automatic text messages too. A great time saver for law firms.

Individual or Group Sends

SMS Text messages can be sent on an ad-hoc basis or as part of a workflow to one individual client, or to a group. There are instances when a law firm would need to keep several parties informed and again either as a one off send, or as part of an automated chart, users can send their text messages to a group of people, and save those messages as a record of communication on the case file.

Auto Time Recording For SMS

Just as you can utilise the auto-time recording functionality in LAWFUSION for emails and letters, users that rely on text messaging as part of the client communication tool-kit can auto time record units for SMS text messaging.

The Technology

Whilst for some, text messaging may still be viewed as a relatively new technology, for others it is a communication method that has been around forever. The first text message ever was sent on 3-12-92 when Neil Papworth of the Sema Group wished Richard Jarvis of Vodafone a ‘Merry Christmas’ – so the technology has been around for three decades. Today 5 billion people around the world have the means to send and receive text messages. It’s safe to say that for some of your clients text messaging has been around their entire life.

Most law firms have been texting for a while, as most of their clients expect it. Whilst it is an absolute no-brainer for many law firms, some busy firms are left behind. Not because they cannot see the benefits, but probably because they don’t realise how quick, easy and low-cost it is to set up.

For more information on SMS Text messaging from LAWFUSION please call 01482 567601 during office hours. Out of hours the LAWFUSION enquiry form is here.

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