Sending information by email remains the most popular and convenient way to share files and information.  However, allowing unprotected data to flow freely outside your secure network isn’t something any business should take lightly.

Computer keyboard in blue with one red key with "email security" written in whteFor users of LAWFUSION Select is offering new email encryption functionality via a simple ‘send securely’ button in Outlook.  This allows firms to encrypt email communications and attachments sent by their staff.  There is also a simple interface that will monitor received emails to prevent leaks of confidential information.  It works by sending the emails off to the encryption tool first before forwarding it onto the intended recipient.

The nature of crime is changing – i.e. as burglaries and incidents of car theft continue to fall year on year, online fraud and cybercrime are hugely on the rise and businesses are prime targets.  Cybercrime poses a great threat to law firms, particularly for those dealing with the large sums of money on behalf of their clients for conveyancing and probate cases.

The number of staff being targeted in the UK with fake email messages from cyber criminals continues to soar according to FFA UK (Financial Fraud Action UK).  FFA UK recently reported that experts have dubbed this kind of fraud as ‘whaling’ fraud because it targets the big fish at larger companies.  One scam involves sending an email requesting an urgent payment to a member of staff in a firm’s finance department, from the finance director or Managing Partner’s email address. Fraudsters are able to replicate the email address using software which manipulates the characteristics of an email, so that it appears to be genuine in the recipient’s inbox.  The recipient is tricked into handing over bank details outside of normal procedures because the email describes the need to secure an important new contract.  However, the account that receives the payment is controlled by the fraudster.

The Law Society offer free online training for solicitors on cyber security, practice notes on protecting your firm from scams and SRA guidance notes on measures to protect your firm and your clients.

Select offers new email encryption tools to law firms using LAWFUSION.  For more information about LAWFUSION’s ‘send securely’ email functionality please call Select Legal Systems on 01482 567601 or complete on online enquiry form.