Paul Humphreys, the Programme Director for Veyo, the conveyancing joint venture between Mastek UK and The Law Society, presented to the Legal Software Suppliers Association (LSSA) for the first time today re legal case management software integration opportunities with the portal.

Select learned that many firms believe because the Law Society is backing this project, there will be some kind of mandate forcing conveyancers to use it. Humphreys confirmed today that this is not the case. Like any other software solution out there, law firms have the choice to use it or not.

Development timescales were discussed too and their aim for the Veyo launch is still Spring 2015 but they estimate that CMS integration will follow in 2016. David Humphreys accepted that realistically he would not expect any CMS supplier to delver integration until at least 9 months from now. From their end the data exchange has yet to be designed and over the next 3-4 months they would like to agree the spec for this work with the LSSA and individual suppliers.

There was no demonstration of Veyo today, but the intention is the portal will include a conveyancing ‘chain view’ showingall transactions in the chain. Paul Humphreys confirmed Veyo will work better with integration to CMS and for the ‘chain view’ to work well, integration take up will need to be high with legal software vendors.

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