When it comes to choosing a new legal practice management system for your law firm it is important to remember that as well as everything else ‘security matters’.

And when it comes to ‘security matters’ law firms should know that Select Legal Systems Limited are on the ball.

There is wide choice available in the legal software marketplace for law firms looking for a new software supplier.  When deciding which suppliers are worthy of your trust it is important to recognise ways in which you can differentiate between all the different software suppliers available to your firm.

A legal practice management system is a key business tool that a law firm will rely upon for managing every aspect of their legal business, and it may have been some time since your firm has been out to market for a new one.  When you do, it goes without saying the quality of the software has to be right, it should offer an impressive development roadmap for the future as well as offering a solid reputation for first-class support and training services underpinning the software. Of course your new technology partner’s business ethics, track record and financial stability should all be solid too. However, what has changed over the last decade in today’s search for a new software supplier is that before a law firm signs on the dotted line it is imperative they consider whether their newly chosen software partner’s security credentials stack up too.


Mike Craven, co-owner/Director of Select Legal said, “Having received the great news earlier this week that we have again been successful with our latest ISO 27001 audit, it brings security matters front of mind for me, and it has left me wondering if we actually shout out about this accolade as much as we should. As far as I know of all the suppliers selling software to UK law firms, apart from ourselves, I am only aware of one other that is ISO 27001 certified. This certification is one of several key aspects of our business that sets us apart from our competition, and is why we should be on the shortlist of any law firm looking for new practice management software.


“With Cybercrime rapidly on the rise, and law firms a particularly attractive target for ‘hacktivists’ finding a software supplier that can be relied upon for ‘information security’ is increasingly important for law firms today. There has never been a better time to look at your software suppliers’ security credentials.”

ISO 27001 is an international standard published by the International Standardization Organisation (ISO) written by the world’s best experts in the field of information security and provides methodology for the implementation of information security management in an organisation. Certification means that an independent certification body has confirmed that the organisation has implemented information security best practice compliant with ISO 27001.

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