Select Legal Systems Ltd, providers of LAWFUSION, specialist legal software for solicitors since 1992, is currently in the design phase of development for a new Tablet / Mobile Phone APP. Steve Dixon, Head of Development at Select, is keen to receive input from Partners, Fee Earners and other law firm executives in terms of the functionality they would like to see as part of their new APP.

With 63% of the UK population confessing to owning a smartphone and the current software development explosion for business tool APPS for tablets and phablets (devices which sit between phones and tablets in terms of screen size and processing power), Select plans to commence development of its new LAWFUSION APP in the next few weeks, with a view to launching the APP early next year.

The LAWFUSION Tablet APP will enable users to view basic case and contact information securely, but more importantly, Select plans to make a number of efficiency-enhancing features available to LAWFUSION users across all the main areas of law.

Select has posted an online survey– for anyone wishing to share their thoughts and ideas about relevant functionality that law firms need /will need going forward from an APP of this nature. The survey gives you the opportunity to tell Select:

Which areas of the system you would like to be able to view from your tablet, phablet or phone.
Which areas of law you would like APP functionality for.
Specific ideas about the kind of features fee earners and other users need.
Steve Dixon, Co-owner and Development Director at Select Legal said, “Our aim is to make the LAWFUSION Tablet APP the best on the market. We have already spoken to a good cross-section of our client base about the new APP and we have had a number of really interesting requests for functionality. It’s pretty exciting seeing the design phase coming together on this. Our development approach is a two-way street. We know what the technology is capable of and we use quality input direct from those using and relying on the system on a daily basis to create powerful functionality that people actually want and need. This approach is what has allowed us to build such a loyal LAWFUSION user base over the years. Our survey is also open to non-LAWFUSION users.”

The LAWFUSION TABLET APP SURVEY can be completed on line by following this link – SURVEY.

If you would prefer to email Steve Dixon your thoughts and ideas about the LAWFUSION TABLET APP please email

For more information about the survey, Select Legal or LAWFUSION please call 01482 628883.