The paper CDS6 legal aid submission form has been obsolete for some time as LAA (Legal Aid Agency) submissions are now dealt with digitally.  However, criminal defence firms still need to create something similar digitally for their own records.

rainbow coloured background with digital graph images with handcuff highlighted over backgroundLAWFUSION caters for this.  Select Legal Systems Limited believe they have thought of everything a criminal defence lawyer could possibly want from a crime software module.  In fact the software is often described by those who use it as ‘the best in the industry’.

The digital CDS6 type functionality is just one small benefit of LAWFUSION that crime firms enjoy. The software offers complete functionality for managing criminal cases from police station to Crown Court.  The software includes auto form production, specialist billing and time recording and an assessed claims manager for managing LGFS (Litigator Graduated Fees Scheme) and AGFS (Advocate Graduated Fees Scheme) and much more.  Fee earners also get a ‘submission view’ for non-assessed claims that allows them to quickly analyse current and past submissions for every branch, including the bottom-line value of each claim.

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You may also like to view our Cartwright King case study video.  Cartwright King are specialists in criminal defence and one of the largest providers of legal aid in the country. They use the sophisticated crime worklows and the fee earner billing wizards LAWFUSION offers.

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