hand holding a gun coming out of a laptop screen pointing at a man wearing a shirt and tie sitting in a leather office chair, with his hands in the airRansomware is a Real Threat To Business

Ransomware, a type of malicious software that corrupts computer data and then demands money to unscramble it, is becoming a huge threat to businesses world-wide.
Lack of online safety awareness has made home users prone to manipulation by cyber attackers, however, as ransomware hackers have become more experienced with successful methodologies for acquiring their ill-gotten gains, their attacks are becoming much more prevalent within the business world.


Extorting money out of people in this way is reported to be rising at an alarming rate with one report claiming that a cyber-security survey carried out last year by experts, ESET, revealed that a third of all British Firms have at some point been targeted by ransomware.  Law firms are no exception. The Law Society reported earlier in the year that law firms have fallen foul to cyber-crime to the sum of £85M in the previous 18 months.

Cyber-criminals know that they can cause major business disruptions and that many businessmen and women would rather not report ransomware attacks for fears of reputation-related consequences.  This coupled with the potential for far higher earnings makes the business arena a much more attractive option.

Ransomware affects not only PCs but also servers, tablets and phones.  The rise in bring-your-own-device-to-work policies and the widening acceptance of the many file-sharing tools available to businesses today are exposing law firms to new risks every day.

A robust backup procedure is the answer. This blog by Hemidal Security suggests 15 steps businesses can take to protect themselves from the growing threat of ransomware.


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