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Probate Software

Probate Software

Case management software for law firms – probate work

The probate lawyer’s work is particularly admin-heavy. Getting a case to the point where probate can be granted, involves a lot of repetitive tasks and procedures. The flexible LAWFUSION probate module handles this kind of work profitably guiding fee earners through the process and enhancing client care. It is highly customisable to meet your own unique methods of working on probate law.

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Key Features

Document Management

The LAWFUSION Probate module contains a large library of template letters – e.g. for the executors, administrators and beneficiaries etc. All documents within LAWFUSION include merge fields wherever possible to instantly insert key information such as references, today’s date, contact address as well as Fee Earner and branch details.

The bespoke document alignment programme allows you to make all the documents match your pre-determined layout, style and font. Word Customisation is a useful tool which allows your letterhead and footer to be inserted by the click of a button to any Word document.

Estate Accounts

LAWFUSION contains an Excel template that pulls data from the system to produce an accurate summary of the estate accounts.

Auto Form Completion

Within the LAWFUSION module you will find forms such as Applications to Inheritance Tax and Power of Attorney etc. They are configured to auto-complete with the relevant information from data held elsewhere in the system. A bank of frequently used clauses can also be saved through Laserforms allowing you to easily insert a standard sentence or paragraph.

Important Answers Dashboard

The modules includes a dashboard type screen displaying the main case details.  This can be set to show any of the answers to the questions in the probate workflow.

Time Recording & Disbursements

Time can be recorded for the work done or alternatively a fixed fee can be allocated. The user will also have the option to include any disbursements that are associated to the case.

Draft Billing

The Fee Earner billing system allows users to produce a draft bill for approval, posting to the accounts ledger and sending on to the client via post or email. The Billing Wizard will take users through the process of creating the final bill.

Multiple Letter Function

The multiple letter function allows you to create one letter and then reproduce it for all the executors or beneficiaries listed at the click of a button.

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