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Practice Diary Software For Law Firms

Practice Diary Software For Law Firms

Designed for legal teams at law firms, the LAWFUSION centralised diary and task planner offers auto-sync with Outlook

As standard, LAWFUSION includes a full Practice Diary and Task Planner for individuals, cases, resources and courts. Every case file and every user of the system has their own diary and task planner. Add an appointment or task just once and LAWFUSION will reflect it against the appropriate individual and case file.


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Key Features

Auto-sync With Microsoft Outlook

The Practice Diary & Task Planner is synchronised with Microsoft OUTLOOK® giving users a single view of all their commitments on their desktop, laptop, mobile phone etc. wherever they are.


Practice-Wide Diary Management

From the practice-wide diary, with relevant permissions, users can see colleagues’ diaries, courts, police stations, tribunals, prisons and resources (i.e. meeting rooms, training rooms, projectors, vehicles etc.) Entries can be made in multiple fee-earner diaries.

Flexible Viewing Options

Each user can view all appointments and activities they are responsible for and sort or group the information for the cases they are working on.

Workflow Auto-Gen

Your case files are linked to your diary. Users can build diary driven case management into workflows, for auto-scheduling of important dates, tasks and reminders. E.g. As the fee earner progresses through the steps on the case the software will automatically generate reminders in the relevant fee earner’s diary, reminders to produce follow up letters are activated and letters produced automatically, as limitation dates are automatically scheduled with a date countdown etc.

Priority Action List

The Priority Action List offers highly configurable functionality – it is up to the user which actions are highlighted as priorities. The software will then automatically warn the user about:

•Impending limitation dates
•Files approaching their credit limit
•Files that are due for billing
•Overdue bill payments
•Anti-money laundering compliance issues
•Cases that need reviewing

Team & Resource Diaries

Users can view and manage multiple colleague diaries side by side on their screens, along with resources such as meeting rooms, projectors and other equipment when planning meetings and events. This makes it very easy to compare all attendees and requirements on one screen, rather than having to go in and out of separate diaries, as is often the case with other systems. Users are able to create their own groups, for repeated booking tasks. From the team diary users are able to add/edit/view or delete diary entries.

Recurring Entries & Alarms

The LAWFUSION diary can be used to schedule recurring diary entries each with their own expiry date, these can be daily entries, for example every third day, weekly on a specified day each week, monthly etc.  When creating a recurring diary entry the system will check for and advise of any appointment clashes.

Key Dates

Users can easily define a diary entry as a ‘Key Date’ by highlighting with a check box. The Key Dates screen, which can be customised, can show all key dates by specific date ranges, or by status etc.


Ignore Dates

The diary system can be configured to ignore certain dates for example non fee-earning days such as bank holidays, staff holidays and training days. There is an option to download all public holidays from the government website to automatically update the diaries of all users on the system.

Case Studies / Relevant News

Video Case Study

For a selection of LAWFUSION videos, please visit the ‘coffee-break’ page. There is a number of case study videos featured as well as a white-paper style video entitled ‘Cloud vs On-Premise‘ for firms considering a move to LAWFUSION Direct, our hosted solution.

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Industry News

For a selection of relevant industry news, please visit our news page which we are adding to all the time.

We also have a selection of interesting blogs for law firms.

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