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Post Room

Post Room

Providing a virtual post tray for every user

All LAWFUSION users, whether their system is hosted on their own servers or on the LAWFUSION cloud, have the option to use Post Room.

Post Room is a software module designed to enable law firms to manage their incoming, hard-copy post. It provides virtual post trays for every user in the firm. With Post Room firms can scan in their hard copy post each morning to a central location, and it is then distributed quickly, electronically and automatically to relevant members of the team via the LAWFUSION case management system.



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Key Features

Scanning Post

All law firms are different. Some still receive large volumes of incoming post, others tend to communicate more via email. However, most firms receive some element of hard-copy post, and therefore need a way of managing that post.

Post Room allows firms to manage their hard-copy incoming post quickly and efficiently within their LAWFUSION case management system. Good quality scanners are very affordable these days. For any law firm considering buying new ones Team LAWFUSION can advise on scanner specifications.

Law firms that are users of LAWFUSION are equipped to scan all incoming post centrally into the system on a daily basis, and the Post Room module is configured to distribute that post automatically to the relevant department / fee earner.

New Post Alert

When new post arrives for a user, a post icon is displayed in yellow on the case management screen, and the user will be able to open a ‘new post’ window. They can click from here to launch their Priority Action List, where they can manage their post alongside their other priority actions.

There is also a quick ‘Refresh’ button that allows users to regularly scan for new post.

Post Room Customisation

In line with LAWFUSION’s intuitive and flexible nature, there are several options for customising Post Room to suit a law firm’s users’ requirements. The customisation options include setting up your own meaningful file names, table layout format, adding and removing fields from the ‘card view’ and the choice to display which workflow chart the case was created on, and much more.


Use the auto-filter to show only the Post Room items you want to see. You can set your own filter criteria as well as how your post is grouped and displayed. Users can save their filters, edit them and remove them as and when required.

Post Room Monitor / Manager

The Post Room Monitor enables users to quickly send documents to internal colleagues and groups of people electronically. No more photocopying.

The Post Room Manager enables users to filter post – to show all post, just their own post, post received between a date range, which post has been reviewed and actioned and which has not. Within Post Room Manager users can search and sort post files too and add them to relevant cases. Users can also view, delete, move, copy, rename, assign post etc. from within this area of the system.

Post Room & Priority Action List (PAL)

Because LAWFUSION is a fully integrated system, Post Room like all of its other modules is fully integrated with all other areas of the system. Particularly relevant for Post Room is the case management module PAL – Priority Action List.

The LAWFUSION Priority Action List constantly probes all areas of the software to provide users with an up to date list of priority actions. With this highly configurable functionality – it is up to the user which actions they want highlighting as priorities and the software will alert them. Firms often use PAL to alert them to impending limitation dates, files approaching credit limit, anti-money laundering issues – and of course new incoming post that requires action. Users can launch a view of Post Room from PAL to display scanned post files. From there users can view, assign, forward and notify other users of the post and add notes etc.


The Post Room provides a historic view of your incoming post, and therefore once an item has been assigned to a case, it cannot be deleted. Of course law firms have strict legal standards to adhere to regarding incoming post. Post files are marked as ‘concluded’ once dealt with and can be hidden from view so as not to clutter up your case files going back into distant history. But your files are there in the archives of the system and can be re-activated to show up in the relevant case if needed.

If files need to be removed or obfuscated for GDPR reasons, there are options within LAWFUSION for law firms to aid with compliance.

Paperless / Paper-light Law Firms

In line with the Government’s £1bn, 7-year reform programme to modernise the courts and tribunals system, many law firms are deciding now is the time to make definite steps towards becoming paper-light / paperless themselves. Firms that wish to commit to their environmental responsibility, save time, reduce printing/photocopying costs, save on DX fees, reduce their physical foot-print, lower archiving costs and reduce fire risk are setting deadlines to become paperless.

LAWFUSION has been empowering paperless / paper-light law firms for over a decade. As well as Post Room LAWFUSION offers many other paper-saving modules. Its Digital Court Bundle Generator is a good example. Also LAWFUSION has e-Chitty Posting Request functionality for both the client and the nominal ledger.

Paperless Reading / Videos

Further reading / videos on becoming Paperless or Paper-light:

– news – Paperless Law Firms For Over A Decade
– blog – The Paperless Law Firm
Fidler & Pepper case study video (85 users)
EMG Solicitors case study video (16 users)

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