Case management enquiries for LAWFUSION are at an all time high for the first half of 2017, with a real mix of interest across many different areas of law, for a wide variety of workflow types.

It is interesting to see which areas of law are proving most popular with law firms so far this year and how it reflects what is happening in the marketplace and the country in general.


Gavel laying on top of pair of silver handcuffs both laying on a laptop keyboard with laptop screen in backgroundCRIME:  There has been an large influx of crime workflow enquiries for LAWFUSION since January.  LAWFUSION has a first-class reputation amongst crime firms as a result of working so closely for many years with some of the biggest and best criminal defence lawyers in the profession.  This exposure has enabled Select Legal’s talented development team to author comprehensive crime functionality often described by users as “the best available”.  The significant changes to legal aid in recent years has led to an ever-increasing demand for robust software that enables fee earners to streamline processes and handle larger case loads more profitably.

A good example of the LAWFUSION crime and billing modules being put to good use is Cartwright King – and Select’s 7-minute case study video explains how.

Due to their reputation as a favourite with crime firms, Select Legal Systems Limited has been invited to sponsor a new award category at the Yorkshire Crime Awards in Leeds in October – the Criminal Law Award. Team LAWFUSION looks forward to celebrating there with clients and prospects.


View of UK and Europe with GB Union Flag laying on top of UK passportIMMIGRATION:  It was quiet on the immigration front for the first few months of this year, but in the last 6 weeks LAWFUSION enquiries have flooded in from immigration law specialists.  The uncertainty over Brexit has played its part and now lawyers are recognising that their case load volumes for specialist legal support regarding immigration is highly likely to continue to increase.  As a result interest is high for flexible case management software that will help firms manage their growing immigration case loads more efficiently.

CONVEYANCING:  Conveyancing continues to be a popular area for LAWFUSION in 2017.  With proven workflow charts for both Residential (sale, purchase, remortgage and plot sale) and Commercial (sale, purchase and leases/CPSE) and integration to key tools such as ETSOS, SDLT and Experian/Call ML, LAWFUSION has a lot to offer the conveyancer.

FAMILY:  LAWFUSION has always been popular with family lawyers the first six months of this year is no exception. Family experts at Family Law Group explain how LAWFUSION has made a difference to their business.

The 7-minute Family Law Group case study video is worth a look, for any firm requiring software you can mould to suit your working practices.

Man in a wheelchair with a dog walking towards him used to demonstrate catastrophic injury for the Litigation cost management software case study for SJP Law
PERSONAL INJURY:  A steady flow of PI enquiries have been received for LAWFUSION since the beginning of the year.

Again LAWFUSION’s flexible approach to case management wins through, especially for firms like SJP Law who specialise in catastrophic injury.  Team LAWFUSION has been able to work closely with SJP’s costs management team to develop a comprehensive costs management module which is now available for any firm that requires ‘cost control’ for its multi-track cases.

The SJP Law case study gives a good explanation of the difference this software module can make to a firm’s costs management processes.

COURT OF PROTECTION:  Very much a niche area, but one for which LAWFUSION has a sound track record.  The EMG Case Study video is an excellent example of how an incredibly paper-heavy area of law can be streamlined to become entirely paperless.

LAWFUSION offers case management workflows for all areas of law.  If you have something very unique in mind, Team LAWFUSION can help you build it using its flexible workflow tool that will meet all your needs and preferred working methods perfectly.

For an example of a full service law firm using LAWFUSION case management across many areas of law – please see the Star Legal Case Study Video here.  Star Legal, across its 16 offices in the South West and Wales, offers a wide range of both business and personal legal services to clients in the UK and abroad, including:  Family Law, Commercial Law, Consumer Law, Court Marshall, Crime, Dispute Resolution, Employment Law, Personal Injury, Professional Negligence, Property, Wills, Probates and Trusts and many other areas of law.

Read more about LAWFUSION case management workflow procedures here.

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