The talented development team at Select Legal Systems Limited have been liaising with clients in the run up to the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into force today. As a result they have developed a software module to specifically help law firms comply with the new legislation.


body of man wearing a suit holding a virtual data record in the forefront of the screen between his thumb and index fingerThe module, which is part of the fully integrated legal practice management suite of software for law firms – LAWFUSION, is currently in testing phase and is being piloted by a handful of clients prior to roll out to everyone.
It provides functionality to help with contact ID verification, subject access requests, and dealing with the different grounds for processing under GDPR such as ‘consent’ and opting out at contact level and includes a repository for storing all your GDPR policy and procedures documents, with version control functionality.


Of course there is no piece of software on the planet that is going to take care of your GDPR compliance for you. Every law firm needs to take full responsibility for thoroughly reviewing their own unique data processing policies and making changes where necessary to ensure compliance. However, the LAWFUSION GDPR Module is a set of tools that will make life easier for law firms.


Mike Craven, co-owner and Director of Select Legal Systems Limited said, “Now that this brand new piece of legisation is live, we can all move forward with it and learn about it together.  It is important we work closely with our clients in the testing phase to get the functionality absolutely right for law firms. Once we have completed the testing, the next step will be to make a series of demonstration and training videos available, showing the key aspects of the GDPR Module. 

“This is a great example of the substantial enhancements we regularly add at no extra cost to clients.” 


For further background reading about GDPR, here are some key resources:


For more information about the GDPR Module please review our new page here.

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