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Personal Injury Software

Personal Injury Software for Law Firms

Step By Step PI Procedures & Two-Way Integration With MOJ Portal

Never miss a limitation date with the LAWFUSION personal injury module which is designed specifically to improve productivity and reduce risk, as it guides users through all the stages of a PI case from file opening to conclusion.

This software is designed specifically for the Personal Injury team enabling them to handle larger case loads more profitably for claims including: road traffic accident, trips /slips, employers’ liability/public liability, medical negligence and industrial disease.

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Key Features

A2A Integration For MOJ PI Portal

Designed to prevent registered users of the MOJ Claims Portal from having to fill in the 500+ required fields manually LAWFUSION provides an integrated A2A interface, which conveniently pulls all the necessary data from the case management system. LAWFUSION features a two way link to the MOJ Claims Portal and facilitates the secure exchange of claims information for low value PI claims re road traffic accidents (RTA) and employers’ liability and public liability (EL/PL Claims). The LAWFUSION A2A functionality enables case details, photographs and documents to be uploaded from the case to the portal. Notifications from the portal can automatically update the case management system and prompt the case worker to take the next action.

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Proven PI Workflow Procedure

On offer with LAWFUSION is a proven PI ‘workflow’ module with pre-planned steps designed to increase productivity by streamlining processes enabling your fee earners to handle larger case loads more profitably .  The PI steps can be tailored very easily to suit your firm’s own way of working ensuring that all work is done in exact accordance with your own procedures enabling you to establish standards and consistency across the Practice.

Digital PI Court Bundle Generator

As standard with LAWFUSION firms get the digital court bundle generator. This module is popular with lawyers across several areas of law, particularly PI lawyers as PI bundles can be incredibly complex and time consuming to put together.  The Bundler offers features such as automatic page numbering and contents page creation. Users use a bundle template adding to it files and documents to as they are preparing for court. When happy with the bundle it is saved out as a PDF incorporating all the necessary paperwork for court and this is saved to the case in LAWFUSION ready for the court appearance.
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Costs Management & Precedent H

The LAWFUSION Costs Management Module was developed to provide tools which enable firms to control costs for all multi-track cases.  LAWFUSION will produce the entire 9-page Precedent H pulling information from relevant areas of the case management system to produce the detailed breakdown re costs incurred pre-trial as well as predicted future expenditure including disclosure, costs for expert reports, fee earners’ time, counsel fees, contingents and disbursements etc.  LAWFUSION users are able to customise litigation costing templates that come with the software as standard and use them on a case-by-case basis to allocate time, disbursement and expense budgets against cost stages. Traffic light style warnings highlight to fee earners when cases are nearing cost limits allocated. Also for firms carrying high ‘work in progress’ LAWFUSION offers milestone management for high value civil litigation cases.

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Case Management for PI Firms

Document creation and management in LAWFUSION is slick and easy as relevant information stored in the system about cases is pulled into documents, forms and emails automatically wherever necessary.

The system populates in the region of 50 PI forms including N1, N244, N254 and N215 and over three hundred template letters and documents( e.g. instruct doctor, request police report, instruct medical expert etc.) auto-produced by the system at the click of a button. Every letter, document and form generated can also be dispatched automatically or manually by print, fax or email and /or converted to PDF if required.

The LAWFUSION task planner is linked directly with your workload and important dates and actions flagged.  E.g. limitation dates are automatically scheduled with a date countdown making sure fee earners are always aware of the timescales.

SMS Text Messaging

With LAWFUSION your users can send SMS text messages to direct to clients from their LAWFUSION desktop. Text messages can be sent to individuals or groups on an ad hoc basis or automatically as part of a workflow procedure i.e. when a key step has taken place.  Users can set up templates for regular messages and record all text sent messages in the case history for future reference. Text messaging is particularly relevant for PI lawyers to keep in touch with their clients to remind them of important appointments, update them on progress, request information. Read more.

Online Case Tracking For Clients

LAWFUSION Case Tracker automatically publishes selected case information and correspondence to a secure website. This allows the fee earner to keep the client and third parties up-to-date re case progress around the clock. The look and style of the online site can be configured to reflect that of your own Practice, so users visiting from a link on your site need never know that they had left your website.

Document Management

As well as storing outgoing documents, attendance notes and emails, all incoming correspondence can be scanned and viewed in the case history.

This provides a complete history of each PI case file including photographs i.e. accident site and physical injury, scanned forms/documents and other graphics related to the claim, making them all instantly available to all relevant members of staff at the click of a mouse.

Document version management is also available allowing full and sub-revisions to be produced. A version tree clearly shows a documents history.


The LAWFUSION Billing Wizard takes users through the billing process to create a draft bill for approval and the final bill.  The user will have the opportunity to include disbursements associated with the case. The approval process can be set to include an approval step by a supervisor or the accounts department.

Fully Integrated Time Recording

All LAWFUSION modules are fully integrated with each other.  As a PI letter or form is created within case management a set amount of time can be apportioned to the case.  Alternatively the user can be prompted with a suggested time booking ensuring no time is missed and accurate time records are maintained whilst giving the user full control over the actual time recorded and billed. The system also provides a start/stop clock which remains on screen for the user whenever they need it and for those fee earners with time targets to meet.  The LAWFUSION target button graphically presents KPIs such as today’s recorded time, billing and cash received on a monthly and year-to-date basis.

Fully Integrated Accounting

With PI Claims the need to record disbursements for hospital record fees, court fees, GP note fees, source agents fees etc. can all be recorded and managed in LAWFUSION, which provides an accurate  breakdown of all transactions. Alternatively fee earners can produce an accounting chitty to simply record costs against the relevant case. Full posting requests and direct posting options are available allowing users to manage ledgers directly or to simply notify accounts of a posting request.

Management Reporting & Litigation Manager

In addition to all the standard reports a PI department needs, LAWFUSION also includes a flexible report writer and a unique Litigation Manager feature which gives an interactive, onscreen view of cases and next actions,.  The Ligitgation manager screen allows the user to choose columns for key data (e.g. Limitation date, WIP, Office/Client balance, Introducer).  You can drill down to reveal the full case details and even progress actions from within this easy-to-use facility.

The report generator enables you to define your own reports, for example:

  • All files where limitation dates fall in next year/month/week etc.
  • All files where a reply to a letter of claim is due/has expired this week
  • All employee liability files opened this year/month/ week etc.

Case Studies / Relevant News

Video Case Study

Experts in private client and property work.This short, coffee-break sized video lasts just 6 minutes. It captures why LAWFUSION is the system of choice for many start-up law firms. It features an interview with Rod Hughes, founder/Partner of H&R Hughes. Rod explains why he chose LAWFUSION to run and grow his business as a new start up firm back in 2009.

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