The 1st of December saw more legal aid fee cuts. This time relating to the LGFS Scheme (Litigators Graduated Fee Scheme). The LGFS, introduced in 2008, remunerates litigators for Crown Court work. The Government has reduced the cap on the number of claimable pages of prosecution evidence from 10,000 to 6,000 for the LGFS. Pages above 6,000 will be claimed as special preparation (as happens now for pages above 10,000).


"evidence" printed on torn around piece of brown paper sitting on top of a pile of shredded paperWhilst the Government is saying around half of the firms currently holding a contract will be ‘unaffected by the proposal’, the Criminal Bar Association is saying the legal aid system is at ‘breaking point’ and there should be investment in criminal legal aid, not cuts or reductions of any kind. Read more.

As specialist legal software suppliers to law firms, Select Legal Systems Limited has enhanced its flagship Practice Management System, LAWFUSION, in light of these PPE (Pages of Prosecution Evidence) changes.

The popular LAWFUSION crime module includes a comprehensive management system for both LGFS (Litigators’ Graduated Fee Scheme) and AGFS (Advocates’ Graduated Fee Scheme) claims.

LAWFUSION is designed to automatically populate forms across its various modules. Within the crime modulethe forms relating to AGFS and LGFS for electronic submission via the Claim for Crown Court Defence  system (paper forms are no longer accepted from 31-10-17). As well as all the claim forms, LAWFUSION also enables users to quickly produce application forms across the whole criminal defence library. Relevant criminal defence forms can be coded into your LAWFUSION workflow crime charts, for auto-production, to ensure the right forms are produced at the right time with the correct values.  Forms are then made available in the document library for the case alongside other case correspondence.

With regard to the cap on pages of prosecution evidence (PPE) LAWFUSION has been updated with the new PPE rates and rules and automatically calculates your claim for you for electronic submission.

LAWFUSION is a fully integrated legal practice management system that includes a wide range of modules for all areas of law. For more information the crime module, or any other area of the system, please call 01482 567601 during office hours, or use the online enquiry form  at any other time.