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Online Legal Case Tracking Software

Online Legal Case Tracking Software

A ‘real-time’ secure web portal for law firms for online document & info sharing with their clients & third-parties

LAWFUSION’S Case Tracker module empowers law firms to provide their clients (and authorised third-parties) with a secure online web portal that is available 24/7 for up-to-date case information, document sharing and communication.  As a matter is progressed, details of updates can be published to the portal securely for clients, colleagues, estate agents, mortgage lenders and opposition solicitors etc., so that everyone involved is kept conveniently informed at all times.

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Key Features

Better Informed Clients & Reduced Interruptions

Case Tracker leads to better informed clients and less interruptions for fee earners.  Fee earners can set case tracker up to automatically share information securely online about case progress and milestones reached.  Clients can view this information at a time that is convenient to them, at any time, wherever they are. It provides lawyers with an extra vehicle for improving communication with clients and third-parties, whilst enabling better use of limited fee earning time.

More Choice For Clients

With 91% of the UK adult population now online and the smart-phone at the hub of today’s busy society, law firms are finding more and more clients are demanding online info sharing and communication. Instead of relying on the traditional methods such as telephone calls, emails, texts and letters, the law firms taking advantage of the LAWFUSION ‘Case Tracker‘ can offer their clients and third-party business associates an extra layer of choice. There is a whole raft of functionality available with Case Tracker that law firms, their clients and third-parties find extremely useful and practical.

A Secure Option

Quite rightly partners and senior management at law firms have to be reassured that any new technology comes with robust security, especially when sensitive information is being shared online.  Case Tracker is designed so that only authorised users with the appropriate, unique login details can access information.  For increased security all information is encrypted using the SSL (secure socket layer) protocol to ensure privacy and reliability of data shared over the internet. Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of the LAWFUSION software, is an ISO 27001 Security Certified company, and its UK datacentre is ISO 27011 Security Certified too.

Document Authorisation System

Built into the LAWFUSION Case Tracker Portal is a Document Authorisation System. Law Firms use this to manage the sharing of documents via the online portal with other colleagues, clients and relevant third parties. Of course some documents may require a level of authorisation before being posted and made available via the online portal. During configuration certain members of staff can be given permissions to authorise documents for online sharing.

The System will notify authorised users when documents are awaiting approval. They can then control which third parties can view which case documents, on a case-by-case basis. There is an audit log showing which users in the firm have requested which documents for authorisation and posting via the portal, and when. Authorised users can also restrict how long a document is to be made available online via the portal.

Workflow & Case Tracker

LAWFUSION can be configured to post key case information to Case Tracker automatically as part of your case management workflow procedure.  Case Tracker is available for any area of law.  Documents can be queued for authorisation as part of the workflow too via Case Tracker’s built-in Document Authorisation System.

Over the years with LAWFUSION users it has proved to be particularly popular for Conveyancing, Personal Injury and Family work, but we do have firms using it for Licencing work and Immigration too, and increasingly in many other areas of law.

Reports On Take Up

LAWFUSION is known for its comprehensive suite of reports and report writing capabilities across all areas of the system. Case Tracker is no exception.  You can generate reports to monitor how and when the Case Tracker is being used by your clients.

Client Alerts

Each time a case is updated on line, or a document is added for sharing your client can be alerted by email or SMS text message, or both. The email alert provides a link to the case and login page as well as the update alert itself. This is ideal for progress updates, milestone information and requests for information. Colleagues and third-parties can of course be set up to receive alerts too.


Client and Fee Earner interaction is entirely paperless via Case Tracker and with the shift toward the paperless law firm this is a key objective for many.  Case Tracker brings you one step closer to becoming a paperless law firm.

Retain Corporate Branding

LAWFUSION’s Case Tracker is white label which means law firms can retain their own branding, e.g. logos, colours, fonts, style etc.

All pages can be set up to reflect your firm’s corporate identity.

Firms Have Complete Control

When using Case Tracker the law firm is in complete control regarding exactly what should be shared online. The firm decides which cases are to be uploaded to the portal and who can see them.  Firms also control how much case information is to be published, and which documents and for how long.  Of course only the firm knows which relevant third parties should see the information – and this is all configurable. Authorised users of Case Tracker control which colleagues, clients and third-parties can download and upload documents to  the Case Tracker portal too, and how the information is presented via a customisable interface.


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