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Online Case Tracking

Online Case Tracking Software for Busy Legal Practices

images of laptop, tablet and phone with visual connection to a large blue cloud to depict online case tracking softwareDuring the working day the typical legal practice will receive many calls from their clients wanting to know the current status of their legal matter. Likewise, the same legal practice has to make many outbound calls to the client in order to get additional information or documents that may be required in support of their case.

All too often, partly because of the overwhelming workload experienced by their solicitor, clients do not receive timely feedback on their case. At the same time, due to their client’s work constraints or other commitments, it can take a few days to get the required information or even to get in contact with the client in the first place. This is time and effort that could be best used elsewhere in the practice.

Our online case tracking software has been created to facilitate an effective dialogue between solicitors and the clients as well as managing the progress of each case to improve the delivery of legal services.

A Strong Track Record

With today’s technology continually developing and the use of the Internet expanding into all areas of commerce, legal practices require a cost effective and efficient case management tool to keep their clients informed and enhance their customer service.

Select Legal Systems were the first legal software supplier to offer online Case Tracker software over ten years ago. Since then, further enhancements to the service have allowed multiple third parties, such as estate agents, opposition solicitors, mortgage lenders and introducers, to access case information over the Internet.

Case Tracker & SMS

Did you know that can send low-cost text messages to your client’s mobile phone, directly from your LAWFUSION desktop?

Your client can receive sms text alerts or e-mail alerts or both. The e-mail alert can not only provide the client with updates on the progress of their case but it can also contain a link to their login page on the Case Tracker website.

Through LAWFUSION’s online Case Tracker software, your clients can get their answers quickly and easily from the Internet without having to contact you directly. The success of the service is due partly to the unparalleled flexibility and customisation provided by LAWFUSION’s powerful workflow engine. As each matter is progressed details of changes are published to the Internet and can then be viewed through any Web browser. Your client is provided with up to date information on their case without them having to make a single phone call or putting pen to paper, saving you both valuable time.

Control and Flexibility

Our online case tracking software automatically transfers key case information up to the Internet but you still have complete control in deciding exactly which cases are uploaded. You also have complete control over who can access the system and how much of the case information is accessible by each party involved.

With LAWFUSION Case Tracker you have control over how the information is presented on the website:

  • You can output a bare minimum of information such as simply listing when milestones are reached or provide more information such as when the next stage is expected to be completed.
  • You can, optionally, enable third parties, solicitors and clients to view and download all documents (converted automatically to PDF) relating to the case.
  • You can, optionally, get client access reports to monitor how and when the system is used by your clients.
  • You can retain your firm’s branding, e.g. colour, logo, etc. The website pages can be designed to reflect your own corporate identity.
  • You can change how the information is presented and viewed online through a customisable tabbed interface.

Case Tracker is a flexible and customisable system that can be tailored to suit your firm whether you practice conveyancing, personal injury or any work type, or whether you are a small high street practice or part of a large regional multi-branch law firm.

Secure Access

Security is essential when handling sensitive case information. Only authorised users with the appropriate unique login name and passwords, set up by you, can access information. For increased security, all information is encrypted using the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) protocol. SSL is an established industry standard that encrypts the channel between a Web browser and Web server to ensure the privacy and reliability of data when transferring data over the Internet. This is confirmed by the padlock symbol showing on the web browser.

Benefits for your Client

  • Increased communication between them and their solicitor
  • Timely and accurate information regarding their case
  • Greater opportunity to feel involved with their case
  • Ability to track their case 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and from any location

Benefits for You

  • Increased communication between you and your clients
  • Increased productivity and efficiency arising from fewer interruptions
  • Increased satisfaction from referrers and other business partners, paving the way for future business opportunities
  • More time to focus on high value tasks
  • Another way to set yourself apart from your competitors by being open, transparent and modern

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Successful legal practices are always looking for ways to differentiate themselves from their competitors. At the same time their customers are always looking to maximise their value for money. By using the Online Case Tracking software from LAWFUSION, you can stay ahead of your competition and you can support your clients around the clock.




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