Available for Legal Aid ‘Mandatory Electronic Working’

Via LAA’s Client & Cost Management System (CCMS)

The LAA has announced that from 1 October 2015, mandatory electronic working via their new online Client and Cost Management System (CCMS) comes into effect for civil and family certificated legal aid work.

Mandatory electronic working applies to both civil face-to-face and telephone contracts and states from the October deadline you must use the LAA’s CCMS to apply for and manage all new Licenced Work cases. This includes all subsequent requests for amendments, prior authorities, power of attorneys and billing for these new cases (Post Certificated Work).

Select Legal Systems has been working closely with the LAA for some time, attending weekly meetings, to ensure that new functionality for their specialist legal case management system, LAWFUSION, is available ahead of the game for law firms requiring integration in terms of the bulk upload facility. The LAWFUSION CCMS module, which will be made available to LAWFUSION users from March 2015, includes enhanced legal aid billing wizards designed to enable law firms to submit multiple bills directly from LAWFUSION which means firms will no longer have to re-input billing information line-by-line.

In fact, LAWFUSION handles all the civil billing complexities associated with the LAA’s Civil Family Fee Schemes. i.e. The Care Proceeding Graduated Fee scheme (CPGFS), the Private Family Law Representation Scheme (PFLRS) and the Family Advocacy Scheme (FAS). The billing process for these three areas is fully automated within LAWFUSION removing the need for the services of a cost draftsman.

The LAA has recently decided to extend the transition period to October to allow firms to familiarise their staff with the CCMS, build confidence using the system and complete the relevant training.

For a LAWFUSION demonstration of this new integrated CCMS functionality please contact us:

  • Existing clients please speak to a member of our support team on 01482 567600
  • Prospective clients please speak to our sales department on 01482 567601