Select Legal Systems Ltd, specialist software suppliers to the legal profession announces today that its new cost management module is being well received by users. The new module is available to all users of LAWFUSION, the company’s suite of legal software for law firms.

Lord Justice Jackson’s review of civil litigation means it is no longer acceptable for questions regarding costs to be left to the end of the litigation process when the costs have already been spent. The recent hard line approach to cost budgeting by the courts in Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell’s libel case against The Sun newspaper, highlights the value of LAWFUSION’s new cost management module. Master of Rolls, Lord Dyson’s, decision to limit the recoverable costs of the MP’s legal team to court fees only recently during the ‘plebgate’ appeal is a clear message to law firms about the profession’s change culture with cost budgeting.

Located in the heart of London’s legal district, litigation powerhouse Saunders Law Ltd has been using LAWFUSION from Select Legal Systems since 2009. James Saunders, Managing Director said, “We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service to clients so have previously avoided ‘production-line’ case management software. However, the new costs budget regime brings new imperatives that make it impossible to keep costs under control for the larger cases we handle without effective software. So taking advantage of the new LAWFUSION cost management module was a no-brainer for us. Having all the records in LAWFUSION already and having an extra functionality in time recording, that enables us to specify the case stage for the budget, gives us reports and alerts as well as the ability to enter details of disbursements, Counsel’s fees etc., on a memo basis, so that the record is complete. Our fee earners have the authority to do this for themselves without resort to the back office. We are very happy with the new LAWFUSION cost management module and are about to roll it out across the entire litigation team here at Saunders.”

LAWFUSION provides the tools law firms need to manage case budgets in line with the Jackson reforms, including features such as costing templates, time recording against cost stages as well as disbursements and expenses etc. It has traffic light warnings and auto production of the ‘Precedent H’ Form.

Steve Dixon, co-owner and Development Director at Select Legal Systems said, “LAWFUSION was enhanced for the civil litigation rule changes that came into effect in April last year. Approaching the anniversary of these changes, we are starting to see evidence that some firms are making excellent use of our new functionality and enjoying real benefits. We try to stay one step ahead when it comes to developing the new functionality our clients need to run their businesses. The Jackson Reforms and the need for case budgeting is an excellent example of how we work with our users to make sure key developments of this nature not only work well in theory but in practice too.”

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