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When it comes to creating court bundles without the correct tools it’s really no bundle of fun. It’s well documented that a well thought-through, professionally presented court bundle can have a hugely positive impact on proceedings. However, if done manually the task can be incredibly cumbersome, time-consuming and frustrating for the fee earner involved – especially with a dynamic case that requires many bundle changes along the way.




Many a stressed fee earner preparing for court has burnt the midnight oil trying to get ready for their appearance date. It’s hard enough making sure the fee earner selects the correct items for the bundler to represent the case as adequately as possible, but if they are preparing the bundle manually, or using inappropriate software, it simply makes their job 100% harder.

Under certain time constraints a fee earner might decide to put too much material into their bundle to make sure they don’t miss anything. An article in this week’s Law Society Gazette highlights how judges feel about over-sized bundles. Mr Justice Holgate is quoted to have said, “The court has wide case management powers and is prepared to make costs orders even where an application has been successful. The court may also consider refusing to accept excessively long skeletons or bundles, or skeletons without proper cross-referencing.”

No lawyer, in this day and age, should have to waste valuable fee-earning time manually sorting, copying and numbering court bundles. There is excellent software available that makes the task less onerous freeing up precious fee earner time to concentrate on the quality of their court bundles, rather than feeling rushed and compelled to cram everything in just in case. Check out the LAWFUSION PDF court bundle generator which offers features such as automatic page numbering and contents page creation.

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