At Select Legal Systems Limited we are continually updating our website in line with the LAWFUSION software developments.

Blue disk with the words "CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT" written in multi colours arrow pointing round in a circle and pointing upwards


This month so far we have revamped our legal case management software page considerably aiming to present it to new prospects in a more concise and user-friendly way.

After almost 25 years of software development, as you can imagine this area of the LAWFUSION system has evolved considerably to become a feature-rich series of software modules for law firms offering many time-saving, efficiency-enhancing tools as well as modules for many different areas of law.


As part of this revamp, as well as listing the legal case management software’s many modules such as time recording, fee earner desktop and case management reporting we have developed a brand new, separate page detailing our Legal Document Management Software and another for our legal workflow software for law firms.

We have recently added to LAWFUSION a new workflow chart for Court of Protection and Deputyship work and have therefore added a new Court of Protection Software page to our website to reflect this.

For more information about LAWFUSION and its many legal case management software modules please call 01482 567601 during office hours or contact us via our online enquiry form now.