A new blog from Select Legal Systems Limited:  Big Picture Pointers For Law Firms & Legal Tech

As we start lockdown Part II it’s hard for business owners and leaders to know where to go for inspiration in what promises to be one of the darkest winters the world has faced for many years. However, the global economy has seen some significant success stories since the pandemic struck in March. Some businesses have prospered despite the challenging economic landscape.


Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal Systems decided to look at the big picture for some pointers from the global economy, and discovered that business models rooted in tech are the big winners of the crisis so far.

Hunter said, “The best piece of research I found in terms of pointers was a recent FT article that laid out how the top 100 corporate players of the global economy have prospered in the face of the virus so far.”

In her new blog Hunter tries to make some comparisons to the legal tech market and discusses:

  • A recent FT Article that lists the top 100 companies prospering in the pandemic
  • Lockdown necessities – with a legal flavour
  • Success factors
  • How the pandemic has affected LAWFUSION sales
  • Key questions for law firms
  • Measuring levels of optimism
  • Finding comfort

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