Law firms tend to look to the marketplace for new software for a variety of reasons but on the whole most of these reasons are underpinned by a desire to better manage their case loads, their finances and their client relationships.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal has written a blog to help firms structure their thoughts as they enter the legal software marketplace in search of a new legal practice management system.

Hunter’s top ten tips provide a good starting point for any law firm that has outgrown their existing system or is looking for a suitable software as they start a new venture.


The article covers:

#1 Thou shalt not forsake thy firm’s key business objectives

#2 Thou shalt not forsake the detail

#3 Thou shalt de-mystify the sales process

#4 Thou shalt not omit to look under the bonnet

#5 Thou shalt not underestimate the ‘i’ word

#6 Thou shalt not aim for longevity

#7 Thou shalt check references

#8 Thou shalt gauge supplier viability

#9 Thou shalt ensure you can retrieve your data

#10 Thou shalt not customise for customising’s sake


Read the full blog here.


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