Law firms change their practice management software for a wide variety of reasons. Of course all are aiming to improve their practices, however, the driving factors differ from firm to firm.

Some firms are enduring great levels of frustration with software and supplier relationships that are not delivering what they need. Whilst some law firm leaders are living with the reluctance of colleagues to innovate, and taking risks with their cyber security due to out-dated infrastructure. Others are finding themselves trapped to a ‘we’ve-always-done-it-this-way’ mentality, and whilst they know they are not providing the tools required to empower staff to be their best, they are distracted by the day-to-day, not allowing themselves to lift their heads above the parapet.

Whilst reviewing analysis of the reasons why law firms have been speaking to Select Legal Systems, so far in 2020, Head of Marketing Joanne Hunter noticed a pattern and decided to write a new blog entitled “The Seven Deadly ‘Software’ Sins“.

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Hunter said, “Of course when it comes to your main business system – a software switch is no small undertaking for any law firm. But when it is done for the right reasons, and with a good and trusted technology partner, implementing a high-quality legal practice management software system will have a huge, positive impact on the business.

“When looking at what firms have been telling us so far in 2020 in terms of their reasons for changing, I thought about the firms who recognise the need to switch but are wavering due to other pressures. I decided to write this article for them, to provide food for thought, as there are a number of interesting lessons to be learned from this analysis.”



In her new blog Hunter shares the seven top reasons she has heard so far this year for law firms making the decision to implement new legal practice management software – “The Seven Deadly ‘Software’ Sins.”

Read the full blog here.

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