In terms of its assets, ‘a law firm’s data’ has got to be right up there alongside its people, their expertise and their time. So when decision makers at law firms put off buying a new business system because the thought of migrating all their valuable data over to a new system is simply too daunting a process to contemplate, it’s quite understandable.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal has written a blog to that offers guidance for law firms considering a data conversion from one system to another, in terms of the process and what they should expect from their ‘old’ software supplier as well as their ‘new’ software supplier. Hunter said, “When I think of data migration and law firms, the words ‘baby’ and ‘bath-water’ spring to mind.  The value of a firm’s data should never be underestimated. Not even for one second. If you want to take your data across to a new system it’s important to find an ethical and experienced software supplier you and your partners can trust.”

The article includes details on the following eleven considerations:

– Be sure to include ‘the data migration experience’ on your new system check-list
– Remember it’s YOUR data!
– Consider the scope of your data migration – what do you need?
– Set your expectations regarding timescales and fees
– Organise dual running if you can
– Recognise garbage in means garbage out
– Communicate, communicate, communicate!
– Expect some manual transformation
– Always do a trial run!
– Plan adequate and timely resources for ‘Acceptance Testing’
– Accept there needs to be some contingency planning

Read the full blog here.


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