As leading software developers for the legal profession, the authors of the popular LAWFUSION practice management software are occasionally asked if their software is web-based. Their answer is yes, LAWFUSION Direct is their web-based solution for law firms. However, for those interested in knowing more about the technological infrastructure of the software available in today’s legal software marketplace, it is worth noting there are two main types of ‘web-based’ solution:

 a)   Cloud Desktop Software


b)   Browser-Run Software

Both technological approaches offer law firms ‘software-as-a-service’ for a monthly subscription and are accessed via the internet, but both are ‘technically’ quite different to each other.

Joanne Hunter, Head of Marketing for Select Legal has written a blog, ‘Cloud Desktop Vs Browser-Run Software’. In her blog she explains how ‘Cloud Desktop’ software is different to ‘Browser-Run’ software, and why the authors of LAWFUSION believe the ‘Cloud Desktop’ approach provides a better user experience for law firms looking for robust, ‘web-based’ software-as-a-service.


Hunter said, “Both technologies share all the main benefits law firms are looking for from a web-based solution. However, whilst there is nothing extra I can think of that solicitors would get from a practice management system that is Browser-Run, in my blog I list a number of extra benefits that come with the Cloud Desktop approach. Law firms should certainly consider all the points on my list before making their software decision.”

The article includes details on:

– The two technologies defined

– The shared key benefits of both technologies

– The extra benefits of Cloud Desktop

– The additional benefits of the LAWFUSION Direct ‘Cloud Desktop’ Bundle

Read the full blog here.

Select Legal Systems Limited, the authors of the leading practice management software for law firms – LAWFUSION – offer both a web-based ‘cloud desktop’ solution for a competitive monthly fee, as well as a traditional on-premise installation. They have hundreds of users in both camps. For more information about any aspect of LAWFUSION or to arrange a demonstration, please call Team LAWFUSION on 01482 567601 Monday-Friday, 9am-5.30pm. Alternatively the LAWFUSION Request-A-Dem-Form is available online at all times.