Blurred image of man in suit behind glass screes with white line across screen balancing on mans pointed finger with words listed above line on left side "work, career, business, performance, responsibility" and on right side "life, health, family, friend, happiness" to depict the work life balance
Is your firm a magnet for a attracting the best legal talent or is it a revolving door of discontented ‘could-have-beens’?

This question and others are explored in our latest blog written by Head of Marketing for Select Legal Systems, Joanne Hunter.

On the eve of the clocks going back for this year’s ‘daylight saving time’ Hunter wonders what your fee earners will be doing to enjoy the extra daylight.

In her blog, she asks if the fee-focused business model of a traditional Practice of Law is in fact a perfect contradiction to a healthy work/life balance for lawyers?

Or is it indeed a competitive advantage for attracting and retaining the very cream of the legal, high-flyers available to the profession?

Whilst most lawyers readily admit long hours are simply part and parcel of what they signed up for, they do afterall earn really great pay, however, it seems the unpredictability of their long hours is often relentless.

There is much data available on the subject.  The blog article refers to Hunter’s most interesting finds on the topic.  Some of this data looks at the UK in general, but other survey results shared are very specific to the legal profession. Her blog also provides a summary of best tips she could find for law firms wishing to work towards a more favourable work/life balance for their people.


Select Legal Systems Limited, authors of LAWFUSION, the popular legal practice management system, is the software supplier of choice for hundreds of UK law firms.  Their specialist software has been designed with the fee earner in mind and offers many time-saving, efficiency-enhancing features that combined with other measures enables firms to achieve a healthy work/life balance for their people. For more information please call 01482 567601 during office hours.  Alternatively our online enquiry form  is available at all times.