Select Legal Systems Limited, the authors of the popular LAWFUSION – specialist software for law firms, is known for its outstanding crime software for criminal defence lawyers. As with all LAWFUSION modules, the crime module is cram-packed full of efficiency-enhancing, time-saving functionality, designed to maximise fee-earning time, and the highly skilled LAWFUSION developers are adding new features all the time.


White road sign with black letters " H.M. Prison" against a blue sky

The ‘Move To Prison’ Wizard is one recent example.

This new feature allows users to change a contact’s address to a prison address, and back again in just a few clicks.

Selecting the relevant button in LAWFUSION gives the user a full address history. If their client is coming out of prison and moving back home to a previous address a simple click amends the client’s address details.

When a client is going into prison – there is a button which pulls up a full list of UK prisons for the user to select from. At the same time the user can record the client’s prison number.

Keying in address information of this nature repeatedly for different clients can waste lots of time for fee earners and their staff. The LAWFUSION developers work closely with law firm clients on a daily basis to ensure they think of everything in terms of the many different ways in which the software can save precious fee earning time for law firms.

Select Legal Systems Limited offer software modules for all areas of law, all packed with time-saving, efficiency-enhancing functionality.

For a demonstration of the LAWFUSION crime module, or any other aspect of LAWFUSION please call 01482 567601 between 9am and 5.30pm weekdays. For other times an online enquiry form is available for law firms here.