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Mobile Software App For Law Firms

Mobile Software App For Law Firms

Secure access to your case load via your iPhone or iPad with online/offline synchronisation

The LAWFUSION Mobile Software App offers fee earners and support staff secure, reliable and convenient access to LAWFUSION via their iPhone or iPad device, so they can increase their productivity by carrying out key tasks whilst out and about. Some lawyers conduct much of their work outside of the office e.g. criminal lawyers are often out at police stations, visiting prisons or in court.  Conveyancers may find the App useful when inspecting properties.  PI lawyers could use the App for capturing data when visiting clients etc. Although not a replacement for full blown LAWFUSION, the App is designed to enable lawyers on-the-move to manage key activities, record time and capture evidence whilst away from their office base.

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Key Features

Mobile Legal Case Management

In this day and age there is no reason why fee earners cannot manage their cases on their mobile devices whilst out and about.  The LAWFUSION App provides lawyers with 24/7 access to their case records.  Whilst in court, attending police stations and prisons fee earners can use the App to progress cases, record time and capture key case information.  Of course, all of this can be done on or offline and will synchronise to the live system when the user’s device is next connected to the internet.  With a WiFi connection documents attached to cases on the main system can be viewed via the app by the fee earner whilst out on the road too.

Your Contacts Database On The Go

The LAWFUSION App provides lawyers with their contact database (The LAWFUSION Address Book) as a clickable smart list on their device.  Whether online or offline you can search the address book for a contact and full details will be displayed within seconds. Tapping an item on your smart list takes you into the relevant case.


The “Actions” feature drives the mobile App allowing solicitors to capture important data regarding clients and their changing situation whilst on the move, and saving that important data to the LAWFUSION database making it readily available to colleagues back at the office.  The LAWFUSION App comes pre-installed with Time Recording Forms and Police Station Attendance Forms etc. all highly customisable to suit the needs of the firm. The online/offline capability that is inherent throughout all features of the App makes life very convenient for fee earners on the move.  If there is no WiFi at the police station for example, the forms can still be completed and synchronised to the main system as soon as an internet connection is re-established.


There are many benefits for the mobile fee earner who has access to their system diary and that of their colleagues whilst away from the office. The Diary feature available for App users gives a full view of your diary and you can switch between colleagues’ diaries too, to schedule appointments whilst away from the office, saving valuable time and avoiding clashes. You can also see your important case dates whilst out and about on the move.


The  LAWFUSION Legal Software App includes the facility to capture signatures electronically. This enables fee earners to verify information and instructions from clients, witnesses or interpreters and record this straight to the relevant cases.

Mobile Time Recording

Via the app time can be recorded easily by tapping the screen. The Time recording tab within a case shows all recorded time and displays all the relevant details of the recording, including: Fee earner, rate, rate type and whether the time has been posted.

Document Upload

Images from your device camera can be uploaded directly from the LAWFUSION App straight to the LAWFUSION system in your office making it accessible to your colleagues in real time. This is ideal when gathering evidence from a crime scene for example or capturing images of your travel receipts and disbursements etc. whilst on the move.


When a fee earner is out of the office it can be incredibly useful to be able to see to any changes and updates to cases that may have occurred elsewhere in the organisation. The ‘Notifications’ feature, which comes as standard with the LAWFUSION App, lists any cases that have been updated or changed by others whilst you are out and about.  By tapping ‘Notifications’ the mobile fee earner can see a list giving case number, date and details of the changes/ updates – keeping all relevant parties up-to-date regardless of where they are.

Mobile Case Tracker For Clients

The LAWFUSION app is also available for law firms wishing to provide mobile access to their clients for viewing and tracking case details whilst on the move – via LAWFUSION’s Case Tracker.

Secure Fingerprint & Face Recognition

An extra level of security is provided for lawyers-on-the-move. Not only can you verify who you are with your LAWFUSION secure login and password details, but the LAWFUSION app also offers Touch ID for fingerprints or Face ID for facial recognition. As an ISO 27001 certified software supplier for ‘information management’ Select Legal are always looking for opportunities to add extra efficient levels of security to the system.

The LAWFUSION App is available from the App Store

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