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Mental Health Software For Law Firms

Mental Health Software

Legal Case Management Software For Mental Health Lawyers

The LAWFUSION Mental Health software module has been designed working closely with solicitors that practise this highly specialised area of law. It is for law firms that represent people who are suffering with mental health conditions in terms of their rights under the Mental Health Act 1983. The workflow chart guides users through mental health law processes including preparing for and attending Mental Health Tribunals, Hospital Managers Hearings and ancillary matters, and all the documentation, correspondence and forms relating to this.

The module consists of a number of ‘workflow sections’ (major tasks) and within each ‘workflow section’ there is a series of ‘workflow steps’ (minor tasks) designed to gather, record and process all the relevant information needed to manage and progress mental health cases.

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Key Features

Paragraph Building

LAWFUSION offers Mental Health lawyers intuitive paragraph building functionality for compiling all the necessary documentation  a case may require, covering all the possible scenarios. No need for thousands of document versions and hundreds of letter templates.

A 'Key Once / Use Many Times' Approach

LAWFUSION fosters a ‘key once / use many times’ approach to case management throughout all its modules in terms of how it gathers and records key information. This is extremely relevant for mental health law. Within the workflow sections there are a number of steps a fee earner can follow to gather all the relevant, key information about the client, the client’s situation (current and historic) and any Mental Health Act section they are subject to, as well as the objective for representing the client in this instance. This information is recorded once and then imported into relevant correspondence and other case documentation as and when required throughout the case. E.g. the early steps lead to the generation of the client care letter as well as the initial instructions letter. Another step asks a number of questions relating to ‘the meeting with the client’ and produces a comprehensive case note detailing all the elements of the meeting. Key information will be pulled into relevant Mental health forms etc.

Milestones & Reminders

The case management software assists with the capturing of milestone dates relevant to Tribunals and Hospital Managers Hearings.  Auto reminders are set for fee earners to confirm receipt of important paperwork (and reminders to chase if necessary). Other ad hoc reminders can be added throughout the duration of the case. All milestone dates, other key dates and reminders can be set to display on the ‘Case Details Screen’ in LAWFUSION along with case contacts, their email addresses and telephone numbers. Emails and SMS text messages can be sent and recorded automatically as a workflow step, or manually from this screen.

Tribunals & Hearings

The LAWFUSION Mental Health Module provides functionality that deals with all the necessary actions relating to Mental Health Tribunal and Hospital Managers Hearings including the production of all necessary correspondence to all relevant parites, and the whole process of requesting ‘Section Papers’ and ‘Nursing Notes’. The software steps in the workflow cater for the perusal of Section Papers and / or Nursing Notes and generating a file note in this regard. The workflow chart deals with the relevant preparatory steps necessary when acting for a client where a Tribunal or Hearing has been scheduled as well as the fee earner’s attendance at the tribunal/hearing. It also addresses the necessary steps regarding withdrawing from the tribunal / hearing.

The software provides a relevant area for previous Tribunal applications and Hospital Managers Hearings to be stored.

Meetings & Appointments

LAWFUSION provides tools for fee earners to help them manage the many meetings and appointments that may be necessary for a Mental Health case. The module assists with arranging appointments with clients in hospitals or placements and generating related correspondence to the client and third parties. It caters for arranging, attending and recording attendance at meetings and appointments, together with the follow up ‘Care Programme Approach’ (CPA), Section 117 aftercare or Professionals meetings.

Hidden Steps

Not all workflow sections / steps are required for every case. The system is incredibly flexible and intuitive. Steps that are not required do not need to be progressed. They can be hidden if they are not relevant to the case.

Also some steps contain hidden questions that automatically look up important information in the background without displaying to the user. E.g. the fee earner’s hourly/unit rate for cases when recorded is looked up and applied automatically for accurate billing without any further human intervention.

Laserforms - auto form completion

LAWFUSION supports auto form completion for various forms across its many work types, the Mental Health Module included.

Integration for the standard Mental Health Laserforms and Oyez Forms are available with LAWFUSION, again taking full advantage of the ‘key once / use many times’ approach to data capture and management for merging into relevant mental health forms.

Legal Aid

The software has a workflow section that produces documents to help with the submission of Escape Fee cases to the Legal Aid Agency.


The software provides steps to deal with the instruction of specialists, such as an Independent Psychiatrist or a Psychologist to help the case. It can also be used for instructing Social Workers and any other relevant third parties, producing the appropriate correspondence from the case specific information recorded.

Other Solicitors

With Mental Health cases there are occasions when the fee earner needs to involve previous solicitors and also acknowledge receiving documentation from them. The workflow handles this providing functionality to generate the relevant correspondence and record all activity. It also produces the required correspondence when the client transfers to another solicitor.

Quick Links

The LAWFUSION Mental Health Module provides a range of useful quick links to appropriate websites that mental health solicitors may need from time to time, such as Mental Health Online. Putting these useful sites at the fingertips of fee earners and support staff whenever they need them saves a lot of time for the firm. Others can be added by the firm as and when required.


Some mental health firms choose to provide useful factsheets for their clients on a whole range of topics. LAWFUSION provides a dedicated area where firms can store a repository of this kind of factsheet for quick and easy access.

Fully Integrated

As a fully integrated legal practice management system, in the truest sense of the word, all the modules of LAWFUSION are integrated with each other.

As LAWFUSION has one central database, relevant information from other areas of the system can be pulled through and presented in the mental health module.

Like all LAWFUSION modules, the mental health module also offers sophisticated integration to a number of mission critical third party products such as Laserforms / Oyez Forms and all the Microsoft Office and Exchange products.

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