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Medical Negligence Software

Medical Negligence Software

Legal case management software for medical negligence

For personal injury lawyers that specialise in medical negligence work this software module will save time by automating repetitive tasks and provide a central, electronic repository for all files, evidence and documents.  Guiding fee earners through the step-by-step medical negligence procedures, the workflow includes everything from case opening to conclusion.  A flexible software module that can be tailored to your own medical negligence processes, this LAWFUSION workflow allows firms to handle larger case loads more profitably.

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Key Features

Document Management

Within the central database at the heart of LAWFUSION, the Medical Negligence module offers a large bank of relevant letter templates.  Of course you can also add your own templates for re-use too. As a central repository LAWFUSION stores all letters, phone call notes, faxes, emails and photographs.

All LAWFUSION documents are auto-complete wherever possible set up to pull information in from other areas of the system to prevent users having to rekey.  E.g. references, today’s date, contact address, Fee Earner and branch details.  Your firms letterhead and footer can be inserted at the click of a button to any Word document for a professional finish with your firm’s pre-determined layout, style and font set as default.

LAWFUSION’S Electronic PDF Court Bundle Module is extremely popular with medical negligence lawyers as it enables the quick and easy creation of well-presented court bundles .  Its easy drag and drop, auto-page numbering and indexing features save time and reduce stress for the lawyer up against tight deadlines.

Document management version control is also available with LAWFUSION for revisions and sub-revisions providing a full version tree clearly shows a document’s history.

Important Dates

Limitation dates and other important dates are automatically scheduled with a date countdown so that Fee Earners are always aware of the timescale for issuing proceedings on the client’s behalf.  LAWFUSION automatically calculates the correct limitation dates taking into account the age of the claimant at the time of the accident. Limitation dates are highlighted in LAWFUSION on the case file main enquiry screen, the case file diary, the Fee Earners diary and also via the Priority Action List. A priority countdown (i.e. three months left, two months left etc.) can be set up to suit the firm’s preferred approach. A specific management report can be created to highlight these time frames and important dates.

LAWFUSION’s flexible reminder system is ideal for limitation dates, court dates etc. but also for other purposes.  For example it will pick up the client care step in the workflow and generate a 7-day reminder to chase the signed terms of business if not already received.

Auto Form Completion

The Medical Negligence module contains a bank of Laserforms including the N1, N235, N170 and many others. Each form contains merge fields, meaning fields will be auto generated based on information previously entered.


Hook tasks can be used to create links contained in the workflow to frequently visited websites.

SMS Test Messaging

Text messages can be sent direct to clients and third parties from LAWFUSION and recorded against the case. They can be ad hoc messages as and when the Fee Earner chooses to send alerts and reminders or pre-defined text messages to be sent automatically relating to key steps in your case management procedure. Read more.

Time Recording

LAWFUSION offers a very comprehensive time recording system. Time can be recorded manually by the User or alternatively time recording prompts can be pre-set to follow completion of a certain step or after document generation.

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