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Litigation Costs Management Software

Delivers Everything The Jackson Reforms Demand & More

Lord Justice Jackson’s review of civil litigation costs back in 2010 brought about a number of rule changes that came into effect in 2013 that require ‘cost control’ to be implemented throughout the case management process for all multi-track cases.

This meant it was no longer acceptable for questions re costs to be left to the end of the litigation process when the costs have been spent. The profession has had some time to digest the new rules and practice directions which give guidance on the operation of costs management and legal software suppliers have had time to incorporate new functionality into case management systems. Select Legal Systems Limited were one of the first to launch a brand new costs management module back in April 2013 ahead of the game. Select has since enhanced this module and it is now being used widely as a highly comprehensive piece of software for litigation costs management.

Key Highlights

Precident H

Initially the new ‘cost management’ module was designed to enable users to preview and produce the summary of the ‘Precedent H’ form, but it has been extended it so that users can now produce the entire ‘Precedent H’ form. It also produces the composite summary for the claimant / defendant.

Costing Templates

LAWFUSION users are able to customise litigation costing templates on a case-by-case basis and allocate time budgets against the ‘Cost Stages’.

Time Recording & Disbursements

LAWFUSION time recording system has been enhanced so that both private and legal aid time can to be recorded quickly against the relevant cost stage including all automated case tasks. Users can also allocate disbursements and expenses against ‘Cost Stages’.

The LAWFUSION time recording system has been enhanced so that time can to be recorded quickly against the relevant cost stage including all automated case tasks. This includes private work and legal aid time.

This LAWFUSION module also allows users to allocate disbursements and expenses against ‘Cost Stages’.

Users are given traffic light style warnings when booking entries and allocating them against costs if they are getting near or going to exceed a limit allocated.

For firms that carry high value Work In Progress LAWFUSION offers milestone management for high value civil litigation cases. Well ahead of time the system highlights cases that could potentially slip so the firm can allocate extra resources to keep them within cost and on track. This means firms not only have the functionality to record to the precedent H sections but they can also record to their own case milestones.

In true LAWFUSION style the costs management module is incredibly flexible. The software allows users to easily re-assign entries across stages and gives a graphical display of progress. Users can also choose to save an existing case configuration as a template for specific ‘cost styles’. Thirdly LAWFUSION users have the option to base a new case entirely on a previous one, in terms of its cost budgets.




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