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Legal Time Recording Software

Time Recording Software for Solicitors

Time = the lifeblood of any law firm & LAWFUSION makes it easier for firms to capture ALL billable hours.

LAWFUSION time recording  is designed with Fee Earners in mind and is incredibly user friendly. Not only does it encourage Fee Earners to capture all billable time, but it ensures time recording becomes second nature in all departments throughout the Practice.

LAWFUSION Time Recording is fully integrated with every other module of the system, as well as with other business critical applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, providing the capacity for time associated with every single activity carried out by your Fee Earners to be accurately recorded.

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Key Features

Mulitple Methods

When working on a challenging case load, juggling lots of complicated facts and recording a variety of evidence in different formats, time recording can slip to the bottom of the priority list for many Fee Earners.  Cumbersome manual systems and experience of ineffective software tools from the past have amplified this problem for law firms. To prevent this, team LAWFUSION has developed and perfected multiple methods of time recording, combined with a comprehensive range of monitoring, reporting and management tools to accommodate all the nuances of Fee Earners across all the areas of law where capturing billable hours is required.

Fee Earner Timers

Clock Face Timers have been built into the Fee Earner Desktop interface to offer an instant timer facility. The click of a button launches a Clock Face and a user can have up to nine timers active at once, which makes switching between tasks easy. Fee Earners can record time for work prior to an account /case being opened and the booking of non-chargeable time is catered for too in LAWFUSION. Notes can be recorded against time, and quick launch activities configured.

Fee Earner Prompts

When working within a case, the software detects which task is being performed and can prompt a Fee Earner to book the appropriate time, presenting a series of defaults for them to select from. The creation of notes, receipt of post, production of documents or any other task can all be prompted too for time being booked. This feature has been very well received with clients reporting an increase in billable time being recorded.

Matter Charge Rates

If a matter runs on longer than anticipated and the firm decides it must increase the Fee Earner’s rates, LAWFUSION enables an authorised user to override the Fee Earner’s standard rates mid case. This means the new rate will apply from a specific date for the remainder of the activity on that case.  The user does not need to manually adjust all future entries on long-running cases of this nature.

Time Recording On The Move

LAWFUSION’s talented team of software developers work closely with clients to fine tune every element of the system.  They realise that some lawyers conduct a fair percentage of their work away from the office e.g. criminal lawyers, civil family lawyers and any Fee Earner that attends court for instance.  Fee Earners on the move need specialised time recording which caters for their remote needs.  In LAWFUSION time can be recorded quickly and accurately across multiple files as necessary. The software allows for the entry of billing codes and notes so the completion of the crime forms and other forms can be done automatically.

The Targets System

LAWFUSION Time Targets allow users to monitor their time usage, fees and fees received. A user friendly, graphical representation of a Fee Earner’s progress towards their targets for Time, Fees and Fees Received is also available.

Time Analysis

LAWFUSION has a full suite of reporting tools, enabling firms to analyse any aspect of performance – for example what percentage of time is chargeable, WIP, or where inefficiencies may be occurring.

Recovery rates, analysis against budgets, graphs, WIP trends, cost against charge, and aged WIP, are just a few examples of the on-screen information available to Fee Earners. This combined with the powerful report generator supplied with LAWFUSION gives management true control over the firm’s information.

Costs Management For Litigators

LAWFUSION’s specialist costs management module for litigators includes specialist time recording functionality.  For instance users can choose to record time against cost stages, or all in one go. Disbursements and expenses can be allocated against cost stages too. Read more on Costs Management here.

Automatic Timesheets

As Fee Earners enter time on a file throughout the day, the system automatically compiles a time sheet for them. With a click of a button they can view what time they have recorded and adjust entries to ensure they have booked their quota for the day. They can analyse time for any period and for groups of users should they wish, depending on their user privileges.

Telephone Time

LAWFUSION is able to record the time of a phone call direct from the telephone system. Using a technology called Telephone Application Programming Interface (TAPI),  the software will record the time and automatically list associated active cases, clients and suppliers.

Easy Time Sheet Entry

This feature has been included for firms that wish to enter paper-based timesheets into the system quickly. Normally used by administrators or cashiers, it is a quick entry facility retaining previous details so multiple file activities can be recorded at speed.

& Much, ...

LAWFUSION time recording offers many additional efficiency-enhancing features, such as:

– unlimited charge rate tables
–  cost and charge values held
– legal aid calculations and billing
– matter specific charge rates
– multiple charge levels
– charge rate override on booking
– fixed and hourly charge rate

...Much More!

– matter costs centre allocation on booking
– aged WIP reports
– billing guides
– profitability, budget and recovery analysis enquiry
– statistics and numerous graph options
– limits monitoring and notification
– time ledger prints

To see LAWFUSION time recording for yourself call 01482 567601 and book a demonstration now.

The Time Factor

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