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Legal Software Training

Legal Software Training

Your Firm Is Unique, So Is Our Training

It is well documented that the provision of quality legal software training is critical to the successful adoption and ongoing use of your system. From pre-installation training and hand-holding at system go-live, on to extra training as your firm grows, the experienced LAWFUSION legal software trainers are with you every step of the way.  LAWFUSION training is designed to ensure you get the most out of your legal practice management system across all areas of your business.

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Key Features

Pre-Installation Training

Getting the right level of training prior to go-live is vital for any law firm embarking on a new system installation. At the start of any training project our experienced consultants work closely with you to fully understand your business objectives.  This enables them to design a pre-installation training program to suit your firm’s specific needs.  Blending an appropriate combination of individual / group instruction, encompassing your immediate post go-live priorities, your unique training programme will lay the foundations for your ongoing use of the system, across the business.  It will be designed to enable a smooth implementation as well as building blocks for the future that will enable the firm to get the absolute most out of its new system.

Hand-Holding At Go-Live

Dedicated trainers are present on the day your firm goes live with LAWFUSION.  Every firm has a unique set of go-live priorities and this service is designed to support you to achieve these.  New clients receive introductory training as standard to help them get started. Our experienced consultants will help you to customise the software to your way of working, making sure the system design and case management workflows are in line with the firm’s immediate needs.

On-going Training

As the law firm grows and brings in new users on-going training is always an option to quickly bring new members of staff up to speed.  However, existing staff also need on-going training from time to time to ensure relevant members of your team are making the most of your investment.

Your users may want to become proficient in the use of areas they use less frequently.

Of course as we continue to develop and enhance LAWFUSION to maintain its place at the leading edge of law firm technology, your users will want training on the new and exciting capabilities regularly made available to you.

Additional Training Resources

To enhance the training provided by our in-house training team there are a number of resources available to compliment and re-inforce the learning experience.

As LAWFUSION users you will have online access to all relevant training manuals, a selection of ‘How to…’ videos and LAWFUSION offers onscreen help throughout the system.

We also send all clients regular tips in the LAWFUSION ‘Did you Know…’ bi-monthly newsletter providing users with a wealth of material enabling them to continually grow their knowledge.

Experienced Legal Software Trainers

All LAWFUSION trainers are highly qualified and experienced in the use of legal practice management software.  Many of them have been legal cashiers or system administrators at law firms and collectively bring many years of relevant experience.

Their exposure to the legal office environment combined with their close working relationship with the LAWFUSION development and support teams here at Select Legal Systems, means they understand the workings of a legal business and can support you properly through pre-installation training, go-live and beyond.

Flexible Training Options

– Training can be done for groups or individuals.  LAWFUSION group training is kept deliberately small to improve the training experience (maximum of 6 people).

– On-site training courses – these can be on a one-to-one basis or in a group.

– Off-site training courses – these enable us to offer intensive training at a great price, with the added benefits of uninterrupted training.

– We offer online training courses, which may provide a more cost-effective option for some of our clients.

– Legal software training is also available on an ad-hoc basis, upon request. You may decide you need an extra few days when you first begin with LAWFUSION, or that later you need one-to-one guidance with a particular area of functionality.

Whatever your need we can customise a training programme for you.

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