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Legal Document Management Software

Legal Document Management Software

A powerful suite of software for managing all legal document types

Document management is probably the biggest administrative element of legal case management for fee earners and their staff.  LAWFUSION offers a comprehensive suite of legal document management software that is fully integrated with all the other software modules in the LAWFUSION Practice Management System.  LAWFUSION provides robust naming standards for accurate indexing, efficient storage and instant accessibility.  Like all areas of the system the document management area is entirely searchable and it provides multiple sort options to make document manipulation easy for users.

LAWFUSION users can rest assured that they have chosen a software supplier that takes data security seriously – as Select Legal Systems Limited are ISO 27001 information security certified at both a company level and a datacentre level.

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Key Features

Document Building

LAWFUSION offers a large bank of legal document and letter templates across all areas of law and of course users can create and manage bespoke documents too. Wherever possible, LAWFUSION documents are set to auto-complete instantly drawing information already held elsewhere in the system such as references, dates, contact details etc. The software can also pull relevant information into documents from attendance notes, telephone notes and the legal accounts area of the system.  This is available for ad hoc documents as well as documents created as part of a case workflow procedure.

Precedent Library

Within LAWFUSION case management there is capacity for law firms to hold thousands of precedents in their library.  It can handle most file types providing your system has the programs to open and work with them.

Users can generate content based on ‘conditions’ they have pre-set in the software. For example, as a fee earner updates the system with the outcome of a case the software will promptly auto-generate the relevant documentation required at that stage of the case.

Users can also set in advance whether a document, once produced, should automatically be emailed, faxed or printed as part of a case workflow procedure (including how many copies).

Correspondence Management

Legal correspondence such as letters, emails even SMS text messages flow regularly between fee earners and their clients on a daily basis for today’s modern Practice.   LAWFUSION captures all formats as well as the file attachments that come with correspondence.

All correspondence types are stored neatly and accurately, side-by-side in the case records making them easily accessible to members of staff with the relevant user rights.  The system is highly integrated with the Microsoft Office so that users can send documents of any type to Courts, agents and other relevant parties quickly and easily. LAWFUSION provides an Outlook ‘add to case’ button making it slick and easy for users to save emails correctly.

Auto-Form Production

Throughout the system relevant legal forms are available for the many different areas of law its modules cater for.  Many of the forms are set up to be auto-produced, coded into the workflow procedures, to ensure the right forms are produced at the right time with the correct values.

Court Bundle Generator

The LAWFUSION Court Bundle Generator takes all the stress out of bundle creation.  The module supports automatic page numbering, automatic contents page creation and easy drag and drop functionality. Users are given a bundle template to which they can add files and documents as they are preparing for court. When happy with the bundle it is saved as a PDF to the case ready for the court appearance. More Information>

Document Consistency

Law firms can adopt their pre-determined corporate identity including layout, style and font etc. when creating documents in LAWFUSION.  This of course is key for firms that wish to achieve a consistency across all Practice documentation and a professional finish.


Document Register

LAWFUSION provides a document register for the long-term storage and subsequent retrieval of your clients’ most important hard-copy documents that have been entrusted to the safe-keeping of your firm.  E.g. Wills, Deeds, Share Certificates.  It is integrated with your case files indexing everything under the correct client record in your database. To safely track this important paperwork both log-in and log-out details are fully audited in the system.
Comprehensive details relating to each document are indexed so that any pertinent issues or warnings, like a ‘lease expiry’ or a ‘will review’ can be flagged up automatically.

Digital Post Room

The Post Room Module is designed specifically to deal with a law firm’s incoming, hard-copy post. Despite the rise in the use of e-mail, incoming, hard-copy mail is still high volume for some Practices.  Even for firms that would not describe their post volumes as large, they still need to deal with post efficiently, storing it correctly along side email and other electronic documents within the firm’s case management system.

This low-cost, easy-to-use module provides law firms with the tools to scan all mail received on a daily basis into a central location, alerting relevant users when a piece of hard-copy post has been received.




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