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Legal Case Management Software

Legal Case Management Software

Intuitive, Adaptable and Designed Specifically For Law Firms

Listening to, and working very closely with some of the most successful law firms in the country for over 25 years has taught the authors of LAWFUSION a lot about what its users want. The software development team has a clear focus on enabling law firms to handle larger case loads more profitably.  There is a wide range of legal case management software modules available with the LAWFUSION system, and the specialist team at Select Legal Systems continually enhances existing modules and regularly adds news ones to meet the demands of the marketplace.

The software is designed to enable law firms to streamline processes and capture all billable time, and it is incredibly intuitive and flexible.  Team LAWFUSION also strives continuously to ensure it meets all current legislative criteria for law firms, across the many areas of law for which it caters. There is a large library of proven workflow charts available with the LAWFUSION legal case management software, and a user-friendly generic workflow tool for firms that prefer to create their own.

The company also takes information security very seriously strictly following best practice throughout all its processes – Select Legal Systems Limited is  ISO 27001 certified at both company and data centre level.

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Key Features

Central Database

Because LAWFUSION is a fully integrated suite of software, at its heart is a powerful, central database that stores and links every single piece of case data available making it easily accessible to fee earners and relevant support staff with the right security permissions.  This not only makes document production easy but also provides a full picture of the case at any point in time, aiding important decision-making as the case progresses.


Workflow is a significant element of the LAWFUSION case management suite of software tools. Workflow is a tool that enables law firms to automate legal and administrative processes in a step-by-step approach relating to specific areas of work.  On offer to LAWFUSION users is a generic workflow tool that enables law firms to write their own automated procedures from scratch but there is also a large library of proven workflow charts covering most areas of law, that can be used as is, or tweaked to suit a law firm’s unique ways of working.

For more detail regarding the power of LAWFUSION workflow, there is an overview page here: Workflow.

For further detail on specific workflow areas, please follow these links:  Conveyancing, Court of Protection, Crime, Debt Collection, Employment, Family, Financial Mis-selling, Immigration, Personal Injury, Wills, Probate & Lasting Powers of Attorney, and many more.

We are adding new workflow charts all the time, so if you don’t see your area of expertise listed here, please call 01482 567601, because chances are we will be able to help.

Specialist Tools & Modules

To keep LAWFUSION ahead of the game in terms of new and changing legislation Select regularly adds specialist tools that add value, such as:

MOJ PI Portal
Manages the entire claims process for road traffic accident, Employers Liability and Public Liability. Read more>

Litigation Costs Management
In answer to Lord Justice Jackson widely acclaimed reforms re costs management. Read more>

Legal Aid Software
A range of tools for managing publicly funded cases for crime, family, immigration, mental health and actions against the police. Read more> 

Time Recording

LAWFUSION is designed to make it so easy for fee earners, at all levels of the firm, to record their time so that it becomes second nature and much less of a chore, providing all the tools necessary to ensure law firms have the means to capture all billable time for both private and legal aid work.

Automatically recognising when a fee earner is performing a task – i.e. recording case notes, producing a document etc. the software prompts the user to book the appropriate time for the task. Because LAWFUSION is very much focused on capturing time in this way many firms see an immediate increase in billable time following implementation. More info>

Document Management

As part of its Legal Case Management suite of software LAWFUSION offers a robust set of document management tools to help law firms create, file and control their documents and the way they flow in and out of the Practice on a daily basis. This is a significant area of the system. For full details please read more here.  Read more>

Litigation Costs Management Software

The LAWFUSION Costs Management Module is designed to help fee earners keep tight control of litigation costs. Fee earners are given traffic light style warnings when booking entries if they are getting close allocated budget limits. LAWFUSION users are able to auto-produce precedent H, R & S, use costing templates with allocation against ‘cost stages’, and use litigation codes (born out of the original J-Codes theory) for litigation ‘tasks’ and ‘activities’.

Read More>

Case Panel For Document Production

Some users need to be able to produce documents without running workflow steps. LAWFUSION is built with flexibility in mind. Documents in LAWFUSION can be produced either via the case management workflow charts automated as part of a step-by-step process, or alternatively there is an option to produce documents quickly and easily without running a workflow step. Users can simply generate documents from a visible list in a case with a preview panel that displays the document’s content . Document types are searchable from this panel, making life for fee earners and support staff much easier.

SMS Text Messaging

Texting is a huge part of all our lives today, inside and outside of work, so there is little doubt that text messaging should be part of a law firm’s tool-kit.  Clients expect it. With LAWFUSION users can send ad hoc text messages, set up templates for regular text message updates, group-send texts to a list of contacts and include text messaging as part of a workflow procedure. Of course texts can be recorded alongside other forms of communication in your case history. More info>

Digital Dictation

We partner with leading third-party suppliers for Digital Dictation software.

Our software partners are chosen carefully for their quality products, expertise, and industry knowledge. For more information please call Team LAWFUSION on 01482 567601.

Case Tracker

The LAWFUSION Case Tracker is a secure online portal that allows  lawfirms to provide up-to-date information regarding the progress of their cases- 24/7.  As a matter is progressed in the LAWFUSION system details of changes can be automatically published to the internet securely for clients and other relevant parties to peruse.  Case Tracker can be tailored to your firm’s needs and corporate style. More info>

Mobile App

Today’s busy fee earners often need access to their case records whilst out and about on the move. Particularly those that need to visit police stations, prisons, those that attend court, visit properties, and those out visiting clients and capturing evidence. The LAWFUSION Mobile app was designed for all of these reasons and is available via your iPhone or iPad device. Read More.


All the modules in the LAWFUSION suite of legal software are fully integrated.  This means users can interrogate the accounts system for financial information whilst in a case record and pull relevant case information into the accounts and time recording areas of the system etc. whenever necessary.

LAWFUSION offers integration to a number of key third-party tools too – of course Microsoft Office, but also to a number of other business critical applications.  For example:

  • IP based telephone systems
  • LAA submissions
  • Legal forms packages
  • A2A integration to the MOJ PI Portal
  • Search tools such as OneSearch for conveyancing

Fee Earner Desktop

The LAWFUSION Fee Earner Desktop is designed to empower users to manager their day-to-day tasks in the most efficient and productive way possible. All the information a fee earner could possibly need is simply a click away. This module provides front-office access to all LAWFUSION modules including Accounts, Practice Management and Case Management etc. etc.

Priority Action List

With the LAWFUSION Priority Action List there is an opportunity to reduce risk and cut indemnity premiums. The module constantly probes all areas of LAWFUSION to provide staff with an up-to-date list of priority actions. Highly configurable – the user sets which actions are to be  highlighted.  Using this tool fee earners and support staff can be  alerted automatically about:

  • Impending limitation dates
  • Files approaching their credit limit
  • Files that are due for billing
  • Overdue bill payments
  • Anti-money laundering compliance issues
  • Cases that need reviewing


In LAWFUSION ‘reminder scheduling’ can be highly automated as part of your legal workflow charts or users can add case, accounts and personal reminders manually on an ad hoc basis.

Case Management tools such as LAWFUSION’s ‘Priority Action List’ and ‘Universal Case Viewer’ allow users to display their reminders in different ways so that they can keep a close eye on what needs doing by when, ensuring important tasks and essential dates such as limitation dates etc. will not be overlooked.  All reminders in LAWFUSION can be automatically transported into ‘Outlook Tasks’ too for users that prefer to manage reminders from there.

Practice Diary

As standard, LAWFUSION includes a full Practice Diary and Task Planner for individuals, cases, resources and courts. Every case file and every user of the system has their own diary and task planner. Add an appointment or task just once and LAWFUSION will reflect it against the appropriate individual and case file. Read More

Litigation Manager

The Litigation Manager functionality in LAWFUSION is used to identify and monitor cases where important ‘Limitation Dates’ must not be missed, as well as providing Fee Earners with an interactive ‘to-do-list-building’ facility. It gives a general overview of all litigious cases for the firm, but users can configure views to display only the cases they are working on. Features include the option to go to the relevant case or Matter directly from the Litigation Manager list by double clicking, so that the user can then progress the workflow step, delete or mark the reminder as not applicable, and to email the Fee Earner responsible for the reminder task.

Case Navigator

The Case Navigator functionality in LAWFUSION enables users to navigate to certain cases based on entered search criteria. Case Navigator presents users with their search results in an interactive screen listing relevant cases. There is a column chooser to allow the user to display the key information they need in the onscreen list. From here the cases are clickable taking the user directly into the case record, which saves valuable time for users. ‘My Searches’ can be saved, ‘My Layouts’ can be saved, and users can assign ‘Layouts’ to ‘Searches’. Case reports can be produced from Case Navigator search results too, and case navigator search results can also be emailed, or exported to an Excel spreadsheet. There is an unpaid bills icon feature too, for users with the necessary privileges, and an option to view client balances from here too.

File Reviews

As part of the Lexel standard and Legal Aid Agency requirements, a supervisor must regularly review the files being worked on by his/her staff. LAWFUSION can be set up to automate this procedure and reminds the supervisor when reviews are required.


Of course, the LAWFUSION Report Writer can be pointed at any part of the system for in depth interrogation. The case management area is no exception. Your case management reports can be created and saved in a reports library for further re-runs whenever required. Reports can be set to auto-run at set times and distributed to named users without any manual intervention.

LAWFUSION is aligned to Lexcel Standards

For law firms going for Lexcel for the first time, or for those finding Lexcel assessment harder than they believe it should be, it’s worth knowing that since the accreditation was launched in 1998, Select Legal’s LAWFUSION developers have been aligning the software’s functionality with the Lexcel assessment areas, working closely with users. Lexcel assessors want to see procedures that ensure matters are effectively managed, progressed and closed. They also want to see robust procedures for using third-parties.  For more information about how LAWFUSION can help with your Lexcel assessment, visit our Lexcel Made Easier With LAWFUSION page.  Also check out the Bridge McFarland Case Study and our blog SOFTWARE FOR LEXCEL: Joining the dots for law firms.

Online Help

Of course, comprehensive help is built into all LAWFUSION screens, but there is also an online knowledge base as part of the customer portal on the Select website, that is updated regularly for you.

Users also have access to an online record of any support calls placed with Select Legal. This is useful as a record, but also it can be used as a reference tool because it offers full text search and retrieval. For example if a member of the support team has helped a colleague with something in the past other users will be able to find it by searching for particular keywords.

Case Studies

Video Case Study

Cartwright King

One of the UK’s largest providers of Legal Aid

“Cradle to grave – from setting up a case in the police station through to closing it after a Crown Court trial; LAWFUSION’s crime software gives you the capability to confidently manage the entire process – intuitive case management, a robust diary and, most importantly, prompt reporting to the LAA – all at the press of a button.”

Steve Gelsthorp, Partner, Cartwright King

More info

Video Case Study

Silver Fitzgerald

Specialists in Family Law & Civil Litigation

“We chose LAWFUSION because it does everything but it is as much about the people as it is the technology.”

Douglas MacDuff, Solicitor, Silver Fitzgerald

More info

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