In the midst of new software launches by some legal software providers in this marketplace, and apathy to legal aid by other vendors LAWFUSION ‘s Legal Aid Software Modules, from Select Legal Systems Limited, stand strong.

virtual screen with hand pointing at words "Legal Aid" in white on screenLAWFUSION is well known in the industry for being amongst the best when it comes to the provision of software for managing legal aid case loads. The company, which is celebrating 25 years in legal software this year, offers legal aid software that is long-established and proven but the company also has a solid reputation for staying ahead of the game when it comes to new developments. This year alone Select Legal Systems, have issued a number of legal aid enhancements such as;  domestic violence changes in line with LAA requirements, the new LGFS and AGFS calculations as well as the changes enabling firms to report the number of independent medical assessments on Mental Health Tribunal cases, which is a mandatory requirement for  completed matter stage claims from the June 2018 submission onwards.


The company works closely with the Legal Aid Agency, and before for many years with its predecessor the Legal Services Commission, but more importantly the team has worked with some of the very best legal aid firms in the industry, ensuring the LAWFUSION software delivers everything a firm could possibly need to manage their legal aid work.


Rupert Hawke, Managing Director of Cartwright King, one of the largest providers of legal aid in the country, said, “We see Select Legal as stakeholders and partners in our business and vice versa. Our relationship with them is very important to us and we work closely to develop the system together. We tell them what’s important, they tell us what they can do. It works very well.”


The LAWFUSION Crime case management and billing module is often described by law firms as ‘the best available’. LAWFUSION handles the billing complexities associated with several of the LAA Civil Family Fee Schemes too.

Other LAWFUSION civil legal aid work types include: Actions against the police, Community care, Consumer/general contract, Debt, Education, Employment, Housing, Immigration, Clinical negligence, Mental health, Personal injury, Public law and Welfare benefits.

Steve Dixon, co-owner and Development Director for Select Legal Systems Limited said, “As we celebrate our 25th year I look back and think about how much history we actually have with legal aid. We have worked and grown alongside our clients living and breathing legal aid with them as their software requirements have changed over the years. This gives us a very deep understanding of law firm’s needs in this area. This long-standing exposure has given our software a level of sophistication that cannot easily be copied by other software suppliers that have only recently started paying attention to legal aid. I am very proud of the breadth, quality and intuitive nature we have been able to achieve with our software modules for legal aid firms.” 

LAWFUSION provides full compliance with an extensive range of Legal Aid Agency schemes as well as first-class  functionality for firms with Legal Aid Contracts all geared towards improving legal aid profitability:

– intuitive fee earner billing wizards
– Auto-form production
– Specialist legal aid time recording
– Monthly bulk upload to LAA Online
– An assessed claims manager tool
– Full legal aid payment history
– Legal aid and KPI monitoring
– Profit & loss monitoring tools
– and much more!



For information on the LAWFUSION legal aid software modules please review our specific web pages. To book a demonstration please call 01482 567601 between 9am and 5.30pm week days, or contact us via our online enquiry form at any other time.