Handle larger case loads more profitably‘ is the mantra for the LAWFUSION suite of legal case management software across all work areas. The authors of LAWFUSION, Select Legal Systems, enjoy the great privilege of working with some of the best firms in the industry and one thing they have discovered is that every area of law has a different set of challenges that need to be overcome to enable the software to achieve this mantra for them.

Steve Dixon, co-owner and Development Director for Select Legal said, “For instance conveyancers have always told us that as their case loads begin to build, incoming calls from clients eager to be updated on progress increase considerably. This makes it very difficult for them to stay on top of their growing task lists. Working so closely with our clients over the last 25 years has given us a clear understanding of how technology can help conveyancers with this, and we have been able to create tools that are proven to significantly reduce chaser calls of this nature. Freeing up fee earners to earn fees.”

Select has worked with conveyancers to set up workflow charts that trigger off either text messages or emails to keep their clients updated at every stage as the sale or purchase progresses.  e.g. as a survey is completed and added to the case the fee earner can tick a box to fire off a text to the client advising so.  As steps are progressed emails can be triggered automatically based on pre-approved wording the fee earner has set up in advance. When the fee earner chases the other party’s solicitor, a copy can automatically go to the client and so on.


Case Tracker is another highly regarded tool in the LAWFUSION arsenal, particularly popular with conveyancing firms.  A secure online portal, tailored to your firm’s specific ways of working and visually matching your corporate style, Case Tracker provides progress updates online for clients 24/7 via a secure login.  As a matter is progressed in the LAWFUSION case management system details of changes can be automatically published to the internet (via Case Tracker) for clients and other relevant parties to see.

Setting up these LAWFUSION tools appropriately doesn’t take long.  The software is designed to be intuitive and flexible.  Of course some clients will always prefer to pick up the phone.  That’s their prerogative and the nature of law.  But these tools can significantly prevent interruptions in terms of reducing the client’s need to call the office so often.  Generally many clients are comfortable with this way of working, as they are being kept up-to-date continually using the usual communication methods they rely upon on daily basis to manage pretty much all areas of their lives – i.e. texts, emails and online updates.

Of course LAWFUSION case management workflows and case tracker can be used for all other areas of law, not just conveyancing.

For more information about LAWFUSION Conveyancing Modules, other case management workflows or any other area of the LAWFUSION please contact SALES on 01482 567601 during office hours, use our online enquiry form at any time or check out our website.