The Ministry of Justice mandated that personal injury claims falling within the scope of the pre-action protocols must be processed using the Claims Portal and they released the online technology enabling this in 2010. There are two options an online version (which involves rekeying of claims info into the portal for PI firms) or the A2A (application to application) version which requires legal case management software suppliers to provide integration enabling their software to feed accurate and relevant claim information directly into the portal.

photo of desk showing part of calculator, glasses and tip of pen on top of for with text "Personal Injury Claim Form" to illustrate personal injury softwareSelect Legal provides A2A integration for their users providing PI firms with the means to securely manage their claims via the Claims Portal straight from LAWFUSION’s case management system, preventing  any double entry re claims information for RTA (Road Traffic Accident) and EL/PL (employers’ liability / public liability).

Since 2010 the MOJ Claims Portal has been upgraded several times.  For Release 5, which has a deadline of 29 November 2016, Claims Portal Ltd, the not-for-profit organisation responsible for the strategy, finance and governance of the Claims Portal stipulated a number of key changes for the portal which would affect the integration of case management systems for A2A PI users.

Team LAWFUSION, in line with the deadline, has incorporated these changes in readiness for Release 5 and following rigorous testing inhouse the last few weeks they are releasing it to LAWFUSION users on 28 November 2016 along with a raft of other useful enhancements for PI users. As well as all the Release 5 changes requested such as AskCUE PI and MedCo functionality, Select’s developers have also included some robust validation features to prevent typos using conformity tools that recognise input patterns for fields expecting a particular format.  E.g. NI numbers and vehicle registration numbers. The LAWFUSION developers have also added customised grids and a number of claim ‘exit’ features show reasons for halting a claim when necessary.

For a demonstration of the LAWFUSION MOJ PI Claims Portal Integration – or any other aspect of the LAWFUSION Legal Practice Management Systems – please call 01482 567601.  Alternatively our online enquiry form is available around the clock.