LAWFUSION users have the ability to auto produce Precedent H (the costs budget), Precedent R (the Budget Discussion Report) and Precedent S (the new electronic bill) in Excel format via the system’s comprehensive costs management module.

Select Legal Systems’ team of legal software experts has been working closely with clients since 2015 on the functionality of its leading costs management module for personal injury litigation firms, responding to Lord Justice Jackson recommendation that a new format bill of costs was needed to provide much more information. Also the Senior Courts Costs Office (SCCO) is working towards becoming completely digital and the electronic bill of costs is an important step forward in this regard.

The theory behind the electronic bill has always been that it should be capable of being prepared directly from a firm’s case management system with minimal effort.  Any good legal case management software provider should be able to provide slick and reliable functionality for this purpose.

Here is a case study example of how the LAWFUSION Costs Management Module is being used by catastrophic injury specialists SJP Law.

The new electronic bill of costs (Precedent S) became mandatory for all Part 7 Mult-Track matters in respect of costs incurred after 6 April 2018.

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